Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship programme

Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship programme

Diaspora programme

The Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship was established by the Hungarian Government for those who live in a Hungarian diaspora outside of Europe and wish to study at a Hungarian higher education institution to develop their personal, professional and cultural relations to Hungary.

The Department of Erasmus+ and International Programmes is responsible for the implementation of the programme at ELTE.

Institutional Coordinator: Lilla Karácsonyi
International Coordinators: Anna Rudolf, Kata Számel

Faculty Coordinators can also provide information regarding the scholarship programme and assistance with the application.


Faculty of Special Needs Education (Bárczi Gusztáv) Dóra NYAKA  

Faculty of Humanities


Faculty of Humanities (PhD) Kinga FÜRTÖN
Faculty of Informatics Katalin SCHNEIDER
Faculty of Informatics (Szombathely) Anita TAJNAI
Faculty of Education and Psychology Violetta FRANK

Faculty of Social Sciences Eszter Borbála BAGI
Faculty of Primary and Pre-school Education Zsófia NEMES
Faculty of Science Péter MOLNÁR