University programmes

University programmes


  • ELTE Innovation Ideas Competition for students 

The annual competition organised by the ELTE Center for Innovation is to support our undergraduate students' projects based on their own innovative ideas. The Center for Innovation provides financial and professional support to students to turn their ideas into useful and marketable solutions for society. There is no category-based restriction and ideas can come from any discipline. The originality and feasibility of the idea is a crucial factor in the selection process. 

In 2023 ELTE's young innovators demonstrated their entrepreneurial spirit in a variety of fields. Vanda TUKACS, a PhD student, was awarded a special prize: Vanda’s research aims to promote the early detection of neurological diseases by testing blood samples. Another winning team of students at the Faculty of Education and Psychology is developing an AI-based image generation method in mental health assessments.  

Consciously Good (Tudatosan jó) is a webshop based on an idea of Viktóri ZSIRAI. It provides a one-stop shop for the products of social enterprises. The project was not only awarded a special prize by ELTE’s jury, but it has gained international attention as one of the Hungarian winners of the Social Impact Award by Impact Hub Budapest.  

  • The Humanities Ideathon (ELTE Faculty of Humanities) 

How can humanities graduates be social innovators and how can universities and the business environment support them? The ELTE Faculty of Humanities and ELTE Center for Innovation organised its first ideathon in 2022. The Humanities Ideathon is a competition for humanities students (including CCSI) which provides them with entrepreneurial, technical and cross-cutting skills, and supports cross-disciplinarity in an inspiring and supportive atmosphere. Participants will brainstorm ideas, create a concept with a team and pitch it in front of a jury. Mentors from start-ups and CCSI-professionals will be present to guide the teams during the competition. 

  • Hackathon with real-life data (ELTE Faculty of Social Sciences) 

The hackathon unites participants from different backgrounds and different universities. The competition is held every 2-3 years. At the 2023 event concepts related to urban development, online administration and real estate auctions, among other areas, were presented at the competition. 

  • EIT Digital Master School (ELTE Faculty of Informatics)  

The main aim of the program was to promote an entrepreneurial and creative mindset  in students. Through specifically designed tasks on creativity and individual challenges, students became familiar with the logic of creating ideas, the challenges that come with opening a new business and the responsibilities that come with invention and new technologies. In the asynchronous online course "Creativity, Responsibility and Entrepreneurship", a student brainstorming competition is organised every semester. 

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  • ELTE Budapest Summer University 

Since 2017 ELTE has been organizing the ELTE Budapest Summer University, where one-week and two-week, in-person courses are offered fully in English to Hungarian and international applicants, in various study fields. This year, more than 100 students from 25 countries attended seven interdisciplinary courses at the ELTE Summer University, 

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  • Summer School (ELTE Faculty of Informatics) 

The EIT Digital has been attracting students, industrial partners and companies with its series of Summer Schools for almost a decade. EIT Digital Summer Schools are open to MA students, young professionals, Ph.D. students and others. They are intended for anybody who wants to delve deeply into emerging digital technologies, learn how to turn technology into business, and eventually launch deep-tech startups.  

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  • Courses for students (EIT Digital Master School) 

The MA courses offered in the EIT Digital Master’s School, developed in collaboration with several partner universities, prepare students to solve complex innovation and business problems.  In the "InnoSocial Aspects of Entrepreneurship" course, students planning to start a business or to find a job in the IT sector will learn about the factors that make the analysis of the social impact of a new innovative product or solution an essential factor in market competition.   

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