Hungarian Language Courses

Eötvös Loránd University offers Hungarian language and culture courses throughout the whole year, covering all levels from complete beginner (A1) to proficiency levels (C2) described by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Language teachers of the courses are the best professionals of the field, ELTE graduates of the Department of Hungarian as a Foreign Language. They use teaching materials developed at the Department.

If you want to learn Hungarian during the summer, please apply for the Summer University of Hungarian Language and Culture.

If you want to learn Intensive Hungarian during the semester, please apply for the Intensive Hungarian Foundation Course

If you want to learn Hungarian during the semester on a regular language course, please read further. Student enrolled at ELTE (Erasmus students, other exchange students, and degree-seeking students) typically select the General Hungarian language course - BASIC besides other courses from their study fields at ELTE.

Courses available during the semester

Course Length Start date Class numbers Credits CEFR leveld Tuition fee





Days per week

Classes per dayc




General Hungarian language course - BASIC



beginning of each semester





50 EURd

General Hungarian language course - I.a



beginning of each semester




A2, B1

100 EURe

The General Hungarian language course and the Special course on language and culture complement each other and thus it is possible to attend both courses in the same semester.
One class lasts 45 minutes.
CEFR = Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment
Free of charge for incoming Erasmus students 
50 EUR discount for incoming Erasmus students

Please read the course descriptions, select the course type that you want to follow and register online. Remember that you can register for the course in the Neptun study system too.
Courses start on the second week of each semester so that student have enough time to select the time and day that suits their timetable.


Applicants are entitled to a 98% refund of the course fee (2% is non-refundable transfer cost) until the language course starts (18 February 2018). To request the refund, applicants are required to send an email with the subject line “Request for refund” to the email address and declare it in the email that they do not come to participate in the language course.



Hungarian language courses at ELTE (flyer)


Course descriptions

The General Hungarian language courses are offered during the whole academic year. The 11-13-week-long courses start at the beginning of both spring semester (mid-February) and autumn semester (mid-September) and the curriculum is developed for one or two 90-minute class(es) per week within one semester. Students get 3 ECTS credits after completing the course successfully if they are correctly registered in the NEPTUN system.

The aim of the General Hungarian language courses is to improve the four basic language skills (reading, listening, speaking, and writing) by applying communicative methods, authentic learning materials, and multimedia tools.

The General Hungarian language course and the Special course on language and culture complement each other and thus it is possible to attend both courses in the same semester.

Course requirements
After application, students need to fill in a placement test (if the level is not complete beginner) and they are placed into their groups based on the test results.
During the course, students receive regular feedback and they are evaluated continuously verbally and on paper as well. Each course ends with a written test. In case of a successful test, students attending the course get ECTS credits.


Online registration for the classes is done in two steps:

Select the type of language course (general / intensive) until the end of the semester.

Registration always opens in October/March for the following semester.
Registration for AUTUMN semester 2017/2018 is open until 15 September 2018.

ELTE students: Register for the course in the Neptun study system.

All ELTE students:
In the Neptun system (the online study system of ELTE) search for the Hungarian courses, In the list you will see the time and location of the courses. Please select your course and register for it.

Non-ELTE students: We will contact you in email.
The program coordinator ( will contact you in email.