Tax Card

Tax Card

If you receive a scholarship from Eötvös Loránd University, you are required to apply for a Tax Card after your arrival in Hungary.

Keep in mind that you will not receive your scholarship until your tax identification number is uploaded to the Neptun system.

How to request a Tax Card?


Due to the current emergency situation in connection with the coronavirus (COVID-19), we would like to inform you of a change in the administrative procedure when applying for a Tax Card.
In order to avoid physical contact and reduce the risk of exposure to the virus, please take the following steps:

Step 1

Fill in the form ('T34) online at home. Download the form in Hungarian and in English. Please note, that only the Hungarian form can be officially filled. (Here you can download the information sheet on how to fill out the form.)

After you filled out the form, print it.

Step 2

Please bring the completed ‘T34 form to your faculty coordinator. Your faculty coordinator will be responsible for requesting your Tax Identification Number.

Step 3

Sign the “Declaration of Informed Consent” form provided by your faculty coordinator when you are submitting your ‘T34 form. By signing this form you give permission to your University (ELTE) to forward your filled and signed ‘T34 data sheets to the National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV), and you give permission to the National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV) to share your tax identification number with the University (ELTE) for administrative purposes. 

After completing these steps, the Department of Erasmus+ and International Programmes will handle your application and register your Tax Identification Number in the Neptun system.

DO NOT go in person directly to the National Tax and Customs Administration (Nemzeti Adó- és Vámhivatal) to ensure the safety of yourself and others.

Notifying the Tax Authority of changes

In the case of private individuals, the data recorded by the tax administration contains the ones displayed on the address cards issued to taxpayers by Document Offices. Taxpayers are obliged, using form No. ‘T34, to make available the data displayed on their residence permit issued by the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing to the Hungarian tax administration.

Taxpayers may, in order to be able to liaise with the tax administration, provide the administration with a mailing address on the above-mentioned ‘T34 form. As private individual taxpayers not pursuing regular economic activities are not obliged to file a mailing address, no default penalty may be imposed upon them if they fail to notify the tax authority of any such change. In respect of any legal consequences related to the delivery or otherwise of official documents, in the absence of a known permanent address, the mailing address provided by the taxpayer shall always be used.

Please remember that notifying the tax administration of any change in your address is a common interest.

For more information on the administration process and the application form, please visit the official page of the National Tax and Customs Administration.