Nagytétényi út Dormitory

Nagytétényi út Dormitory HU

Nagytétényi úti Kollégium (NUK)

Head of Dormitory: Zádor Gál-Esztegár
Address: 1223 Budapest Nagytétényi út 162-164.
Phone: +36-1-203-8197
Student council: Péter Hombolygó, President

Total dormitory capacity: 828 people

Capacity for international students (2018/2019): to be determined

Dormitory fee:

  • Room with 2 beds: 31 000 Ft/month
  • Room with 3 beds: 28 000 Ft/month

For students with Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship: the dormitory place is free according to the actual Stipendium Hungaricum Program Operational Regulations.

Room type: 2 beds per room; 3 beds per room

Bathroom: shower and toilet in every room

Study room: Yes


  • Internet
  • Gym
  • Sport fields
  • Library
  • Open-air training park

Common areas:

  • Gym
  • Buffet
  • Kitchen, lunchroom on each floor
  • Club
  • Greater learning room
  • Event room

The student provides the followings:

  • Internet cable
  • Bed linen

How to get there: buses 33, 114, 133, 213, 214, 233. At night buses 914, 973. (Timetables for public transport)

Average time to the ELTE faculties: 30-70 minutes

Other notes: smoking is not allowed inside, only outside the building.