Our projects

Our projects

CHARM-EU Projects

Through its educational and research dimension, CHARM-EU is working towards an innovative university model ready to meet society’s challenges, breaking down borders and linking local and global solutions.

In its first educational project (2019-2022), CHARM-EU was creating learning experiences that – having mobility and inclusivity at their core – are based on the implementation of a transformative approach to program and curricula design combining the best of the different European traditions. The project has resulted in the first joint Master's Degree Programme (Global Challenges for Sustainability) under the criteria of the European Universities initiative.

In 2021, the CHARM-EU Alliance secured a grant for its research and innovation strategy project in a call launched under the umbrella of the Horizon 2020 program. The TORCH project aims to develop a common Research and Innovation (R&I) agenda for the Alliance’s research universities. During 2023, TORCH partners carry out pilot activities led by ELTE to test how the first joint strategies can be fine-tuned and implemented.

After receiving a grant under the 2022 Erasmus+ European Universities Call, the Alliance launched its new 4-years expansion project titled CHARM-EIGHT∞ in January 2023, carrying on the innovative mission to provide a transformative European educational experience and promote its long-term vision along five strategic lines.

CHARM-EU is also part of the ED-AFFICHE project consortium composed of six European University Alliances working on co-developing recommendations on the design and delivery of a future European Degree label.

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