A new H2020 project starts at ELTE

A new H2020 project starts at ELTE
In addition to the successful REACH programme running since November 2017, the Atelier Department for Interdisciplinary History is involved in the UNCHARTED research project between 2019 and 2023, which is coordinated by the University of Barcelona.

The REACH (Resilient Cultural Heritage and Communities in Europe) Project, which started two years ago at the Atelier Department with the cooperation of the ELTE Faculty of Humanities, is still in progress, and another H2020 research programme has been started under the supervision of Gábor Sonkoly, university full professor, and Eszter György, research fellow. The UNCHARTED programme is dedicated to the Understanding, Capturing and Fostering the Societal Value of Culture.

The collaborative research project carried out by ten European partners (including the University of Bologna, the CNRS in Paris, the University of Porto, the English Goldsmiths’ College, and the Paris 8 University) focuses on the social evaluation of culture in three categories – social engagement, cultural production and heritage, as well as cultural administration. These three aspects are related to three different basic societal roles. Accordingly, the project equally addresses civic engagement, as well as the tasks of professionals investigating into cultural heritage and cultural politicians in connection with social values.

The role of ELTE in the project is the validation of research results. Experts in four fields (performing arts, media, cultural heritage and administration) take part in the work.