Extended call for applications – Student exchange programs with partner universities

Extended call for applications – Student exchange programs with partner universities HU
The International Strategy Office, Rector's Cabinet ELTE extended the call for applications within the framework of the institutional bilateral agreements on student exchange programs. Students can apply to one of the partner universities for the second semester of the academic year 2018/2019.

General information

Students can apply to study 1 or 2 exchange semesters abroad at one of the partner universities as tuition fee waiver exchange students. The exchange is enabled within the framework of the institutional bilateral agreements. After the finalization of the application and selection process, the selected candidates will be officially nominated by ELTE. Every nomination has to be subsequently approved by the partner (i.e. receiving) institution as well.

After having been informed about the approval of the partner institution, all selected students are strongly advised not only to rely on the general information provided by the ELTE International Strategy Office, but – as the rules might differ – also to consult the website of the receiving institution in order to educate themselves on further steps. In most cases, the nominated students are expected to apply at the receiving university as well.

Please be aware that neither ELTE nor the partner institute can provide scholarship. However, the selected candidates are eligible to apply for the Campus Mundi scholarship which also supports studies at partner universities outside Europe. Eligible for the scholarship will be considered primarily those students who have already been nominated for the student exchange.

Who is eligible to apply?

Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD students of ELTE.

Partner universities to choose from

List of free places for Semester 2

It is the sole responsibility of the applicants to choose a university that offers an appropriate level and field of study. Please, study thoroughly the website and the course list of the partner institutions prior to your application.

How to apply

The application should include:

  • Filled application form (see below)
  • Transcript of Records or Data of grade average, exported from Neptun to Excel file (access: Neptun → "Studies" → "Grade average")
  • Motivation letter (1-2 pages, in English)

Please, be aware that incomplete or otherwise faulty applications can be excluded from the selection process without prior notice.

The applications are to be sent electronically to Ms. Dóra Ehrenberger, email address: dora.ehrenberger@rk.elte.hu.

Application deadline

For Spring 2019: 31 August 2018

Application deadline for Kyoto University: 31 July 2018.

Important information

  • For the exchange semester, it is necessary to receive a nomination, but the selected candidates have to apply at the partner institution as well. Please note that the application deadlines vary from university to university.
  • The list of the partner universities includes the available field, level and period of study. Please visit the websites of the partner universities for more details.
  • Please study carefully the language as well as the general requirements of the universities (e.g. some Asian universities accept only certain types and levels of language certificates and, in addition, they may require high GPA).
  • Within the framework of the institutional bilateral agreements on student exchange programs, it is possible to apply to some European universities that are currently not listed in the attached file. If you are interested in studying at a European partner university, please contact us. However, in case of a European university, we primarily suggest the Erasmus+ program that provides scholarship.
  • Students who currently have a passive student status are also allowed to submit this application. However, during the exchange semester they have to have an active status.
  • Please, study the important information on Campus Mundi scholarship on ELTE’s website.

Further information

Dóra Ehrenberger
Global Bilateral Agreements Coordinator

E: dora.ehrenberger@rk.elte.hu

T: +36-1-411-6500/1387 (ext.)


Application form for Semester 2
List of free places for Semester 2