CHARM-EU partner ELTE launches Innovation Press Club

CHARM-EU partner ELTE launches Innovation Press Club
Being an internationally embedded research university, Eötvös Loránd University is a flagship of Hungarian research and innovation that recognizes the importance of Open Science and the cooperation with external industrial and societal stakeholders. Aiming to make its scientific results known and accessible to the widest possible range of society, ELTE’s Center for Innovation has recently launched a new initiative to inform the press about the latest innovation projects connected to the university.  

The first Innovation Press Club held on May 17 presented two social innovation projects regarding the role of artificial intelligence in dermatological practice and the question of how can we make digital devices safe for our children. Co-founder Tibor Kecskeméti and Ericsson’s product manager Attila Ulbert talked about the medical app developed by researchers from ELTE and from Semmelweis University. The application facilitates the early detection of skin lesions by classifying them according to hazard levels and drawing the users’ attention to when to see a dermatologist. Ádám Miklósi and Krisztina Liszkai-Peres presented an application package developed for 4-6 year olds by research psychologists, biologists and computer scientists at the Alpha Generation Lab of ELTE. The main goal of their Alfi app is to create age-appropriate and child-friendly content that develops children’s cognitive, social and problem-solving skills while ensuring that gadgets do not separate but connect them with their parents.

The second press breakfast on May 26 focused on a patent-pending multidisciplinary drug development project of ELTE-ELKH’s Research Group of Peptide Chemistry. Professor Gábor Mező, head of the research group presented the results of experiments aimed at developing a new drug: an anticancer agent that kills tumor cells with high efficiency and significantly increases the chances of survival. As the substance is currently in the resource intensive preclinical phase, the research team and ELTE’s Center for Innovation are looking for funding from external investors.

Interconnecting with the goals of the CHARM-EU Alliance’s TORCH project, the successful dissemination of scientific results achieved at the university is a main ambition of this new Innovation Press Club Initiative. The regular press club is supported by the Hungarian National Research, Development and Innovation Office’s Science Patronage.

Tibor Kecskeméti, co-founder of, Attila Ulbert, product manager at Ericsson, Dániel Magyar, director of ELTE’ Innovation Centre, Krisztina Liszkai-Peres, psychologist, researcher at ELTE TTK and Ádám Miklósi, director of ELTE TTK’s Institute of Biology at the first Innovation Press Club held on May 17


Gábor Mező, research professor at the second Innovation Press Club held on May 26