ELTE has nine subjects in the Times Higher education rankings

ELTE has nine subjects in the Times Higher education rankings HU
According to the rankings, ELTE is regarded as the best higher education institution in Hungary in five out of the eleven subjects assessed.

On 26 October, the Times Higher Education (THE) published its subject-specific rankings for 2024, assessing university performance on the global stage in eleven subjects. The top list is compiled in line with the methodology used by THE World University Rankings, with the difference that the special characteristics of the individual subjects are also taken into consideration in each territory.

Eötvös Loránd University is listed in the university league table in nine out of eleven subjects (psychology, law, life sciences, physical sciences, arts and humanities, education, social sciences, computer science, business and economics). According to the rankings, ELTE is considered Hungary’s best higher education institution in law, arts and humanities, and psychology. It is the only institution from Hungary to be included in the subject rankings in law. Moreover, ELTE won a shared first place among the Hungarian universities in the subject rankings in physical sciences as well as business and economics. In the latter subject, ELTE has joined the ranked institutions for the first time.






Arts and Humanities


Life Sciences


Physical Sciences




Social Sciences


Business and Economics


Computer Science


With nine American and two British universities at the top of the eleven subject-specific rankings (the latter being the best in health and clinical as well as computer sciences), the World University Rankings by subject are still dominated by Anglo-American institutions. At the same time, an increasing number of universities from Australia, China, Singapore, and Canada can be found in the top ten of the individual subject rankings, according the announcement published by THE.

You can browse the full results of the World University Rankings 2024 by subject and find out more about the methodology used in the compilation of the rankings on the website of THE. Additionally, the results obtained by ELTE in various domestic and international rankings have been summarised in this article.