ELTE is awarded the “Family-Friendly Place” Certification Mark

ELTE is awarded the “Family-Friendly Place” Certification Mark HU
The award was handed over to Lénárd Darázs, Vice-Rector for General Affairs at ELTE, at the ceremony organised by the Family-Friendly Hungary Centre.

On 6 June, along with two other institutions, Eötvös Loránd University received the certification mark Family-Friendly Place. The awards were presented by Attila Beneda, Deputy Secretary of State for Family Affairs at the Ministry of Culture and Innovation, and Ágnes Szuromi-Kovács, Managing Director at the Family-Friendly Hungary Centre.

“We are proud to award the Family-Friendly Place certification mark to three organisations in person today” said Ágnes Szuromi-Kovács at the ceremony, who added that good and loyal employees are neither easy to find nor easy to keep, which is why family-friendly workplaces are increasingly important today. The awarding of the Family-Friendly Place trademark was preceded by a thorough monitoring assessment, and the certification mark can be used by the recipients for two years.

“Eötvös Loránd University is not only outstanding in terms of its excellent students, teachers, and research results, but also represents high standards as an employer,” said Lénárd Darázs in his speech. The Vice-Rector for General Affairs at ELTE also spoke about the fact that the university feels it is its duty to facilitate the coordination of family, personal, and work-related obligations for ELTE university citizens. It also supports employees who are planning to have a family or are already raising children by offering them support for school enrolment, organising scientific children’s camps, and establishing nurseries on the campuses. ELTE strives for meeting the requirements of a Family-Friendly Place for all university citizens, students, teachers, and support staff, as well as in each part of the institution.

János Babos, Gabriella Kassa, Lénárd Darázs, Ramóna Nagy, and Réka Rakitai
representing ELTE (b-j)

In addition to ELTE, the representatives of Audi Hungaria Plc., having a history of three decades in the domestic automotive industry, and EXIM Hungary, including Exim Bank Plc. and Hungarian Export Credit Insurance Plc., received the certification mark at the ceremony.

The Family-Friendly Hungary Centre has been awarding the Family-Friendly Place trademark in the workplace and service provider categories for four years. Micro, small, medium, and large companies from the competitive and public sectors, as well as civil organisations, ecclesiastical and public institutions from the non-profit sector can apply for certification from all over Hungary. The centre also offers free consulting services on how to fulfil the requirements and organises trademark-related training for companies and organisations applying for the certification.

Photo by Tamás Förster