Higher education delegates from Cuba visited ELTE

Higher education delegates from Cuba visited ELTE HU
Reynaldo Velázquez Zaldívar, Deputy Minister of Higher Education, and the representatives of eight universities from Cuba discussed potential educational and scientific cooperation on the Lágymányos Campus.

At the end of October, Reynaldo Velázquez Zaldívar, Cuba’s Deputy Minister of Higher Education of Cuba, as well as the leaders of eight Cuban universities visited Eötvös Loránd University. The meeting was also attended by Guillermo Vázquez Moreno, Ambassador of Cuba to Hungary. The delegation arrived in Budapest at the invitation of László Borhy, President of the Hungarian Rectors’ Conference, to explore the possibilities of educational and scientific cooperation among the higher education institutions of the two countries within the framework of the Hungarian-Cuban Rectors’ Forum.

The delegation was received by Jesús Reyes Nuñez, Vice-Dean for International Affairs and Projects at the ELTE Faculty of Informatics, and János Botzheim, associate professor and Head of the Department of Artificial Intelligence. At the department, doctoral candidates Máté Gyöngyössy Natabara and Lonklang Aphilak presented the AI and AI-based robotics developments taking place at ELTE. They pointed out that research projects based on artificial intelligence represent one of the main driving forces of innovation and international cooperation among universities worldwide.

The Cuban guests were welcomed by Gábor Zoltán Szűcs, Vice-Dean for International Affairs, on behalf of the ELTE Faculty of Social Sciences. After presenting the training portfolio of the faculty, he emphasised the importance of inter-continental professional relationships in higher education and called attention to the significance of maintaining scientific dialogue between cultures.

On behalf of the ELTE Latin American Research Centre jointly operated by the ELTE Faculty of Humanities and the ELTE Faculty of Social Sciences, Béla Soltész, assistant professor teaching at the Institute of Political and International Studies, ELTE Faculty of Social Sciences, presented the Latin American relations cultivated by the university. Additionally, he reported on the latest results of research into Latin America undertaken at ELTE.