Hungarian universities could become important business players for the space industry

Hungarian universities could become important business players for the space industry HU
Not only the high-quality professional training and talent development give value to Hungarian universities for the international space industry, but they can also become important business players in the sector, according to the participants of the Space Technology Forum held in Lágymányos.

On March 28, the Faculty of Science of Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) hosted the Space Technology Forum, organized by the faculty of the University and the multinational company, Thales Alenia Space (TAS), with representatives from 7 other Hungarian universities, the European Space Agency (ESA), the EU and several domestic space industry companies participating. The whole day's discussions featured prominent participants including Prof. László Bohry, Rector of ELTE and Prof. Imre Kacskovics, Dean of the Faculty of Science; Dr. Orsolya Ferencz, the Ministerial Commissioner for Space Research and a Member of Parliament; György Habsburg, the Hungarian Ambassador to Paris; András Éger, Head of Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade; staff of the French Institute in Budapest; and from TAS, Freddy Geyer, Director of European Cooperation, and Hervé Legay, Director of Scientific and Research Cooperation.

As one of the flagships of Hungarian space research, ELTE took another step in developing the business opportunities of the Hungarian university sector in the rapidly expanding European space industry with the organization of this event. The university presentations showcased numerous developments that could attract serious international interest and may soon form the basis for collaborations. These included research and achievements in areas such as earth observation, robotics, artificial intelligence, space debris study, detector systems and the development and space application of special materials.

The ESA, the EU Space Agency (EUSPA) and the French Institute support the utilization of university research in the space industry through various grants, which were presented to the participants by the representatives of these organizations. At the end of the event, representing the next generation of professionals, students also had the opportunity to consult with representatives of TAS.

The French guests emphasized that Hungarian universities not only provide a strong base for the Hungarian space industry activities with their high-level and applied professional training, but they can also become potent business players, possibly as soon as in the near future.

Contact: Dr. habil Viktor L. Tóth, Associate Professor at the ELTE Faculty of Science, Department of Physics and Astronomy, a member of the Space Research Scientific Council, Leader of the Local Organizing Committee.