Learning Hungarian

Learning Hungarian

Learning Hungarian as a Foreign Language and Culture

Learning Hungarian as a Foreign Language and Culture

Starting from the 2020/2021 academic year, Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship holders participating in non-Hungarian language training must take part in a Hungarian as a foreign language and culture course (hereinafter referred to as the Hungarian abbreviation: MID) in the first two Active semesters of their studies. The aim of this initiative is to contribute to the successful integration of students in Hungary and to the promotion of the Hungarian language.

Learning Hungarian is mandatory, failure to comply with the requirement will result in the retraction of scholarship allowances.

Who does it apply for? 

For which fellows is it obligatory to take the MID course:

  • first-year students in a Bachelor’s program,
  • first-year students in a Master's program,
  • first-year students in a one-tier Master’s program,
  • for students in vocational preparatory program,
  • for those who have transferred from self-financed training in the first and second semesters of scholarship training.

The students will be notified at the beginning of the semester by the Department of Hungarian as a Foreign Language and / or the Faculty Coordinator about the process of the application. In the meantime please wait patiently, you will be contacted when you can apply for the course.

Criteria and consequences

The scholarship holder must prove that he / she has attended the two-semester MID course and passed the exam by obtaining a diploma (certificate of completed Hungarian course) by 31 August of the given academic year at the latest.  The results will be arranged within the University.

If this does not happen, the scholarship student will receive a reduced subsistence allowance from the following academic year! 

A scholarship holder who has completed the course but does not take the exam / fails the exam can pass the exam in the following years. If the the student passes the exam, he / she will be entitled to the full subsistence allowance again.

If a student, who has not fulfilled the language learning obligation and therefore the subsistence allowance has been reduced, enters a new level of education and receives an SH scholarship, he / she can start studying again with full subsistence allowance.

The obligation has no effect on the development of the student status, it does not affect the conditions for obtaining a degree.

Reduction of allowance

If the scholarship holder does not fulfill the study and examination obligations regarding the MID course, his / her HUF 43,700 subsistence allowance will be reduced from the second year as follows:

  • by failing to attend class visits, reduced to HUF 0 / month until the end of the scholarship,
  • in case of missing/ failing at the exam, reduced to HUF 30,000 / month until the scholarship holder passes the exam.

The reduction does not affect the scholarship holder’s other additional allowances.

If you have any further questions about the course, please contact:



III.2. Obligations Related to Learning Hungarian as a Foreign Language and Culture

  • 1. A scholarship holder in full-time foreign language bachelor’s and master’s courses (including also one-tier master’s degree) is required to attend the Hungarian as a foreign language and culture course (hereinafter referred to as the Hungarian abbreviation: MID) provided by the host institution in the first year of their studies in the SH Programme.
  • 2. Should the scholarship holder fail to fulfil its obligation under paragraph 1, the amount of the scholarship fixed in Section III.1.2. b) i) of the Operational Regulations shall be reduced. Cases and rates of scholarship reduction are detailed in the Implementation Guide.
  • 3. The detailed rules for MID education, in particular the parties concerned, the procedures to be followed in the event of non-compliance of the scholarship holder and the breach of the training obligation of the institutions are set out in the Implementation Guide.
  • 4. Institutions are entitled to a HUF 50,000/person/year additional support, which is eligible based on the number of first-year scholarship holders who are subject to the MID learning obligation detailed in the Implementation Guide.
  • 5. The rules, in connection with the teaching of MID, set out in the Operational Regulations and the Implementation Guide shall be applied in the ascending system, for students for the first time beginning their studies in the 2020/2021 school year