During your studies

During your studies

During your studies - SH

During your studies - SH
Dear students! We would like to inform you that from 4 May 2021, foreign citizens living in Hungary can also register for the COVID-19 vaccination on the following page: https://vakcinainfo.gov.hu/
Please note that everyone has to register for the vaccine individually, as there is no option for central appointment booking organized by the institution!

On this site you can find the most important links and guides which can help you through your studies as a scholarship holder. If you can't find what you are looking for, don't hesitate to contact either your faculty coordinator or your institutional coordinator!


Faculty of Special Needs Education

(Bárczi Gusztáv)

Dóra NYAKA nyaka.dora@barczi.elte.hu  
Faculty of Humanities Rezső JARMALOV


Faculty of Humanities (PhD) Kinga FÜRTÖN furton.kinga@btk.elte.hu
Faculty of Economics Emese DIENES


Faculty of Informatics Katalin SCHNEIDER studentcoordinator@inf.elte.hu
Faculty of Informatics (Szombathely) Anita TAJNAI ta@inf.elte.hu
Faculty of Education and Psychology Lilla Judit ÓDOR


Faculty of Social Sciences Eszter Borbála BAGI international@tatk.elte.hu
Faculty of Primary and Pre-school Education Zsófia NEMES nemes.zsofia@tok.elte.hu
Faculty of Science Péter MOLNÁR sh@ttk.elte.hu

Contact information

Rules and Regulations

As a scholarship holder, it is advised for you to know your rights and obligations, both as an ELTE student and as a Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship holder. If there are two different rules in the institutional regulations and the SH programme's regulations, please follow the stricter one (for example you have to obtain 36 credits in two active semesters for maintaining your scholarship holder status even if your Faculty asks you less for maintaining for your student status). If you are uncertain about something, always ask your faculty or institutional coordinator!

Operational Regulations of the Stipendium Hungaricum Programme
Scholarship Agreement (sample)
ELTE's Academic Regulations
Implementation Guide - in Hungarian (TBA in English)

Health Insurances

Students with Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship are entitled to receive health care services (point i) of section (1) of paragraph 16 of the Act 53/1997 on the Eligibility for Social Security Benefits and Private Pensions and the Funding for These Services) and they are entitled to have a social security card ("TAJ card").
Please read how you can receive your TAJ card HERE.

You are also eligible for supplementary health insurance for free (providing you health care services in English), however you have to register for it in the beginning of every semester.
Please read the details and how to get it HERE.
If you experienced any problem with the health care services provided by your supplementery health insurance, report it HERE!