New MTA-ELTE research groups

New MTA-ELTE research groups
As a result of a 2018 call for applications aimed at establishing research groups supported by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA), seven new or previously funded research teams can start their work at the Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) in July 2019. Obtaining one-third of all the funding available, ELTE has been again the most successful institution in applying for support.

According to the call for applications, the objective of the grant is to support the establishment and operation of research groups headed by people who have already achieved outstanding research results at higher education institutions and public collections or public institutions with research activities in Hungary. Its further goals are to foster the next generation of scholars and teachers (giving priority to the training of young researchers), to strengthen co-operation between the network of MTA research institutes and higher education institutions, to promote new research topics that are still missing from the profile of Hungarian research institute network in any area of study, and particularly in the field of discovering investigations.

Out of the fifty-two applicants, thirty people submitted their applications with the aim of establishing a new research group, sixteen of them applied for the continuation of formerly funded investigations, and six applicants had already been leaders of successful MTA Lendület (Momentum) research teams.

In accordance with the decision of the President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences made on the basis of suggestions by anonymous professional reviewers, twenty-one research groups can start their five-year work at eight universities with an annual funding of 214 million HUF from 1 July onwards: seven in the fields of humanities and social sciences, seven in life sciences, and also seven in the areas of mathematics and natural sciences.

Winning applicants at ELTE:

Head of the research group

ornanizational unit

Research topic

Attila Császár
full professor

MTA-ELTE Complex Chemical Systems Research Group, ELTE Faculty of Science

Complex chemical systems

István Draskóczy
full professor

MTA-ELTE University History Research Group, ELTE Faculty of Humanities

Creation and publication of the Repertorium Academicum Hungariae Database

Szabolcs Harangi
full professor

MTA-ELTE Volcanology Research Group, ELTE Faculty of Science

Volcanological investigations from magma formation through surface processes to social effects

Mihály Józsi
associate professor

Department of Immunology, ELTE Faculty of Science

Exploring the functioning of the complement system and the possibilities of influencing it

Barna Mezey
full professor

Department of the History of Hungarian State and Law, ELTE Faculty of Law

The variations of sovereignty in the development of Hungarian law in the 19th and 20th centuries

Gyula Szabó
senior research fellow

ELTE Gothard Astrophysical Observatory and Multidisciplinary Research Centre

Investigation of exoplanetary systems with European space telescopes

Tamás Szőnyi
full professor

MTA-ELTE Geometric and Algebraic Combinatorics Research Group, ELTE Faculty of Science

Algebraic methods to solve problems in geometry and combinatorics

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Source: MTA