Special collections and museums

Special collections and museums HU

ELTE Botanical Garden

The first Hungarian Botanical Garden was founded in 1771 by the predecessor of Eötvös Loránd University. The Botanical Garden, developed and extended by Jakab Winterl and Pál Kitaibel, soon after its foundation became world famous. It was moved to its present premises more than 150 years ago and in 1960 it became a national nature reserve. The Botanical Garden boasts about 7, 000 species and variations of plants. The orangery built in the 19th century and the greenhouse restored in 1984 are the home of the tropical and sub-tropical plants. The cactus, bromeliad and orchid collections are especially rich.

The arboretum with its 800 species of trees and bushes and 500 types of floral plants is also well worth a visit.

Nowadays the main aims of the Botanical Garden are to develop and maintain the collection, preserve and artificially multiply the endangered species, and also support botanical and conservationist education.

Address: 1083 Budapest, Illés utca 25.
Tel: +36-1-314-0535 
Opening hours: every day 9:00-16:00, from 1 April to 31 October
How to get there: by Subway 3 (Klinikák Station), by Bus Nr. 9 or Trolleybus Nr. 83 (Kálvária tér)

Biological and Paleontological Museum

The museum is located in South Buda in the new building of the Faculty of Science under an imposing pyramid dome. This university collection - which is unique in Hungary - demonstrates the evolution of mankind and the fauna with the relevant paleontological materials, full body products and anatomy. The new exhibition was reopened in 2002, after the vast demolition of the Second World War, which ravaged the former collection.

The main hall contains rocks full of fossils. On the ground floor in huge exhibition cases several animal groups are exhibited; their paleontological materials and the skeletons of existing species in an evolutionary order are displayed. The most important publications and old textbooks are exhibited on the first floor. The gallery contains exhibition cases with stuffed birds, mammals and the artefacts and instruments of anthropology.

Address: Lágymányosi Campus, 1117 Budapest, Pázmány Péter sétány 1/C 
TEL: +36-1-209-0555/8329 or 8645 (ext.) 

Mineral and Rock Collection

The Collection was established in 1774. It is the oldest scientific artefact collection of the university and the biggest such mineral and rock collection in Hungary. At the end of the 18th century it was the biggest systematized educational purpose collection in Europe. The exhibition cases were manufactured in the 1880's and they are under protection.

The Collection contains about 1000 mineral types and almost all rock types can be found here. The Collection assists not only the training of geology, environment, chemistry and history of science students and researchers of the University but also secondary school children from the capital and other cities of Hungary.

Other exhibitions such as the Mineral Taxonomy, Meteorite Collection and the Chemical Periodic Table Exhibition are also well worth visiting. There are also temporary exhibitions of guest exhibitors. The Collection has been open to the public since the 2006/2007 academic year.

Address: Lágymányosi Campus, 1117 Budapest, Pázmány Péter sétány 1/C
E: asvanytar@abyss.elte.hu 
Tel: +36-1-209-0555/8328 (ext.)
Fax: +36-1-381-2110 

Nature reserve and open-air geological museum of Tata

This special geological nature reserve is located on a 3.5 acre land on Kálvária Hill in Tata since 1953. It has also functioned as an open-air geological museum since 1991. The nature reserve displays the geological episodes, flora and fauna of millions of years, as well as botanical, cultural and mining history curiosities. It plays an important role in the education of Hungarian geology, cartography, geophysics, meteorology, environmental studies and geography students. The University was appointed as the trustee of the unique nature reserve in 1994, and with the financial help of the Environmental Fund it was improved between 1995 and 1997.

Address: 2890 Tata, Fekete út 2.
Tel: +36-34-381-587 

Gothard Astrophysical Observatory

The University Observatory - founded in 1881 - is a modern research and educational base. The exhibition inside demonstrates the achievements of a new, blooming science of the 19th century through the founder's (Jenő Gothard) original tools and works. With the inspiring help of the "genius loci" - the spirit of the place - internationally recognised research is performed here. The research includes the observation of light changes of magnetic stars, young emissive objects (T Tauri stars) and the perceptibly rapid changes in the atmosphere of great-mass hot stars.

Address: 9707 Szombathely, Szent Imre herceg utca 112.
W: www.gothard.hu
E: obs@gothard.hu
Tel: +36 94/522-870
Fax: +36-94-509-165 

Specials Collections and Museums

Specials Collections and Museums