Student Finance

Student Finance

Student Finance


Information on managing payments can be found on the ELTE Quaestura website.

1. Making a transfer to the student’s joint account in Neptun:

You may initiate a transfer to the joint account at any time, however, this amount will not reach your Neptun account until a few days later, provided that you entered your Neptun code correctly in the transfers comment field when making the transfer. Please note that a bank transfer initiated to the University's joint account does not mean the fulfilment of your payment obligation. The condition for the fulfilment of the obligation is that the sum necessary for the settlement of the fee is available on the student's Neptun account on the due date.

Please be aware that a failure to transfer the fee in time still incurs a late payment fee. We recommend you make use of the Simple Pay option for making payments in Neptun, with which you can fulfil your payment obligation immediately. More information can be found here, in point 1.8-1.11.

2. Making a transfer to the ELTE’s main account:

Please keep in mind that it takes at least two business days for transfers to be completed. Information on making transfers can be found on the ELTE Quaestura website.

3. Transferring money from Neptun:

Refunds can be initiated by students from Neptun. See here in point 1.20 for details.


The process of scholarship payments remains unchanged with the University initiating transfers to eligible students by the 10th day of each month.