Sustainability report about university campuses by ELTE

Sustainability report about university campuses by ELTE
ELTE, with the lead of Viktória Mudra, Sustainability Coordinator and UNI-ECO expert, prepared the first research paper of the UNI-ECO strategic partnership project.

The sustainability report examines the state of the art on sustainable development of the five partner universities involved in the project on the basis of a comprehensive set of criteria.

As a result of the analysis, some commonalities was identified, such as the commitment of university students and employees to improve sustainability in and off campuses. Waste and water consumption reduction, education and research seem to be common topics. However, a lot still needs to be done in order to renew energy management systems or change procurement processes.

The five universities also face similar challenges in terms of partly old infrastructure, difficulties in fundraising, rapidly changing circumstances, and growing expectations.

There are many differences among universities concerning size, location, educational portfolio or operating systems, but as the survey has shown, they face a similar challenge: tackling the consequences of climate change, preparing for it and helping each other using 21st century tools to achieve their goal: to play a social role in the transition to sustainability in addition to the core business: education.

UNI-ECO partners, University of Montpellier, ELTE, University of Barcelona, Trinity College Dublin, University of Utrecht (all partners of the CHARM-EU alliance), as well as the UNIMED university network and CESIE are committed to incorporating social and environmental sustainability into the ethos of modern university and to making campuses more sustainable. An important step in this is to assess and analyse the current situation, the results of which are included in the sustainability report.

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