The National Conference of Student’s Scholarly Circles is at the corner

The National Conference of Student’s Scholarly Circles is at the corner
The National Conference of Student’s Scholarly Circles (Országos Tudományos Diákköri Konferencia, OTDK), one of the largest academic events in Hungary, is to be held for the thirty-fourth time in spring 2019. The Eötvös Loránd University will host two sections – the Section of Humanities and the Section of Pedagogy, Psychology, Andragogy, and Library Sciences – between 24 and 26 April.

The Section of Humanities will be held at the ELTE Faculty of Humanities. This section was last hosted by the leading faculty of humanities in Hungary in 2005. Over 400 papers have been submitted to the fourteen sections of the event – translation studies, literary theory, Hungarian literature and cultural studies, literature and culture of modern languages, art history, ethnography, linguistics, classical studies, classical philology, orientalism, comparative literary and cultural studies, archaeology, theatre studies, history, and visual culture. From ELTE, 171 students participate in the conference, making nearly 40% of all competitors. The section is organized by Balázs Nagy, associate professor, and András Vadas, assistant professor. Further information about the competition is available on the website and Facebook page of the section.

The Section of Pedagogy, Psychology, Andragogy, and Library Sciences will be held at the ELTE Faculty of Education and Psychology: this is the first time that the faculty will host this event. 209 papers will be evaluated in four sub-sections of the conference. The main organizers of the section are Zsolt Demetrovics, full professor and dean of the faculty, Anna Veres-Székely, full professor, Krisztina Hevesi, assistant professor, and Szabolcs Zimonyi, student representative. Information about the most important novelties, such as the Science Slam to be organized for the first time in the history of OTDK, can be found on the Facebook page of the section. The detailed program is available on the website of the conference.

The OTDK is held in every odd-numbered year, in sixteen disciplinary sections. It is extremely important that the Eötvös Loránd University is hosting two sections this year:

during three days of the conference, over six hundred papers are to be delivered, and hundreds of committee members, supervisors and evaluators arrive at our university.

The events are open to the public, and the organizers welcome everyone who is interested in what talented young people are currently working on, how they present their research results, and what feedback they receive on their papers from renowned professors and researchers of the country. Attending the OTDK can also be extremely useful for students who are planning to enter the competition in the years forthcoming.

Looking back on a history of six decades, the OTDK provides an excellent opportunity for talented, creative young people to introduce themselves. The objective of the conference is to recognize the work of talented students studying at higher education institutions, to reinforce and support the relationship of teachers and students, as well as to provide national publicity to the research activities of students. The sections, which are the national finals of the competition in the individual disciplines, are open to students who have qualified themselves with their performance at former faculty-level conferences held at their institutions. Hungarian university students studying beyond the borders of Hungary and outstanding secondary school students doing research are also eligible to enter the competition.

The results of students from ELTE at the 2017 competition are available here.