The written application submitted by ELTE's team was judged to be the best

The written application submitted by ELTE's team was judged to be the best HU
ELTE’s team of law students – as the only European competitors – ended among the 8 best teams in the world final of the Monroe E. Price Media Law Moot Court Competition organised in Oxford. The jury found the written application submitted by ELTE students to be the best, they are the first European team to achieve this.

Competitors must pass six regional rounds before taking part in the world final of the competition. ELTE’s team competed in the European round hosted by the University of Paris this year in January to make it to the world’s best 24 teams.

For the mooting competition, one legal case had to be processed from the point of view of the claimant (Una and OneAI) and the opposing side, in this case a fictitious state (Cero). In the case, Una, a well-known social media influencer, used artificial intelligence-driven software (run-my-social-media) to create posts expressing solidarity with a rebel group involved in a civil war in a neighbouring state. Cero condemned both Una and the software development company OneAI for glorifying terrorism. The case raises issues of both the regulation of artificial intelligence and the right to freedom of expression and dissemination of information. The contestants argued in front of the jury of the world competition using the information gained by examining the practice of international human rights courts.

The final took place from 15-19 April 2024, hosted, as every year, by the University of Oxford. As a result of the victories in the matches, the ELTE team played against the excellent team from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in the USA. In a high quality match, the referees highlighted the outstanding performances of both teams, so it was a particular pleasure to see ELTE emerge victorious in a noble contest. The team then faced the eventual silver medallists, Singapore Management University, who won the match deservedly although it was a very close match. ELTE finished this year's competition as the only European team among the world's top eight.

ELTE won first place among all teams in the competition of written applications (Best Memorials Award), no European team had won this award before.

The members of the team are Barbara Darcsi, Ábel Bulcsú Kovács, Vanda Nagy, and Viktor Németh. This year, the students have been prepared again by Gergely Gosztonyi, associate professor of the ELTE Department of the History of the Hungarian State and Law, whose work was immensely helped by former team members (János Bálint, Mária Góth, Daniella Huszár, and Ferenc Gergely Lendvai).