Other useful websites / нші корисні вебсторінки

Useful links

Here are some other useful websites for students and staff fleeing the war in Ukraine. New links are added from time to time, please find the newly added links at the bottom of the list.

EUA: https://www.eua.eu/issues/32:european-support-to-ukrainian-higher-education-community.html

EUF: https://ukraine.uni-foundation.eu

Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta (switch to English language in the upper right corner): https://maltai.hu/

Caritas Hungary: https://karitasz.hu/english

Hungarian Red Cross: https://voroskereszt.hu/en/

Hungarian Baptist Aid (HBAid): https://www.hbaid.org/

Hungarian Interchurch Aid: https://segelyszervezet.hu/en/

European Union: https://euraxess.ec.europa.eu/ukraine

Job opportunity at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Eötvös Loránd University: https://www.elte.hu/dstore/document/8277/Faculty-of-Social-Sciences_Lecturer_Assistant-Professor_Associate-Professor.pdf