Work related news

Work related news

Work related news

Arranging the conditions of home office for administrative staff members

ELTE as an employer (Employer in the following) in accordance with the institutional provisions related to the epidemic spread of the COVID-19 virus, allows for its administrative staff members to perform tasks in home office- with similar conditions to remote working- according to the specific rules described in this briefing which are valid until further notice. Employees of ELTE who carry on administrative tasks are allowed to work from home only by fully accepting the terms and conditions of the present instructions.

The Employee in the means of home office is carrying out daily tasks using their own electronic device at their home; and delivers the completed tasks and the results of work electronically.

The method of communication is communicating through the electronic mailing system provided by the Employer. The Employee is obligated to follow and monitor the incoming e-mails during working hours and to reply them promptly, forward them properly or to provide the necessary data. The Employee has to be available for work during working hours on working days.

As a condition of home office, the Employee needs to have the necessary tools and means of electronic communication for working at home (computer and its belongings, internet access); and these tools and devices need to be in a working state. The Employer ensures the access to the ELTE server for contact. The Employer can give access to other electronic devices and tools which are necessary for remote work on a case-by-case basis, subject to the available resources. The Employee cannot let others use the work equipments provided by the Employer; thus the employee has to use such equipments as intended, protect them from damage, and take care of them properly including their storage and safety. The Employee- based on a separate written statement or report- shall be liable for the safekeeping of the equipments properly received, delivered and placed at their home. In case of termination of the home office or at the Employer’s request the Employee is obligated to return the equipments and devices in complete and to account with the transferred assets.

The Employee has to report immediately any circumstances and/or conditions which hinder or make impossible carrying out work (such as damage of the devices or network, power shortage and so on). The Employee ensures the availability of working conditions (working equipments and devices, home safety, tools for document storage and so on).

The Employee is obligated to accept and comply with the work safety regulations related to home office.

During work, the Employee has to refrain from all behavior that impedes healthy and safe work. The Employee shall immediately notify the Employer about any malfunctioning or emergency that can cause an accident in the course of their work at home. Any accident occurring during work must be reported and the Employee shall reasonably reduce or eliminate any emergency situation as much as possible.

At the termination of remote work, the Employee shall return all documents and devices containing confidential information to the Employer. The Employee is only allowed to bring home the documents and devices strictly necessary for home office from the Employer's premises, and has to ensure that they are safely stored in accordance with the Employer's instructions. The Employee needs to immediately return all those documents that are no longer necessary for home office, to the Employer’s premises.

The Employee shall fully comply with the Employer's instructions on privacy policy when working from home and shall strictly ensure that such information is not disclosed to any third party.

The conditions and terms described in this document are binding upon all concerned Employees and it is necessary to accept the regulations by sending a written confirmation by e-mail to their immediate supervisor on their first day of home office.

Changes regarding the periodic occupational health aptitude tests

The deadline of the general periodic occupational health aptitude tests was extended to 15 days after the end of the emergency situation. Missing examinations will be replaced after this period.

Our occupational health medical practitioner does not offer medical services in person from 16 March until the end of the epidemiological situation. In this period the medical services in all the consulting rooms of ELTE are intermittent. The medical practitioner is available by phone or e-mail from 7 AM to 7 PM for information and for help. Her contact details (phone and e-mail address) were previously sent by e-mail in our newsletter for staff members.