Private insurance for self-financed students

Private Health Insurance for self-financed students

Private Health Insurance for self-financed students


The fee-for service health insurance covers costs of medical and health care services, within the framework of an insurance policy.


You can purchase a fee-for-service health insurance in person at the Quaestura Office of Student Services.

You do not need to make an appointment in advance, you can visit Quaestura Office any time in the office hours.


Insurance company:
UNION Vienna Insurance Group Biztosító Zrt.

within the territory of Hungary

Cost:HUF 9 036/person/month 

Period of insurance:
In the autumn semester: from September 1 of a given year to January 31 of the following year;
In the spring semester: from February 1 to August 31 of a given year.

HUF 1,000,000 / semester
The insurance company shall pay a maximum of one million HUF to cover the costs of medical and health services received by the insured in medical necessity during the insurance period/policy term specified on the insured’s statement:
of which maximum

- HUF 50,000 may be paid to cover the costs of medicines,
- HUF 50,000 to cover medical equipments and bandages (upon doctor’s prescription),
- HUF 200,000 to cover dental and oral treatments requiring immediate care
- HUF 100,000 to cover psychiatric inpatient and outpatient care

How to apply for medical and health care services:
You are kindly advised to request medical treatment as soon as you notice symptoms and not to wait until your condition significantly deteriorates. If you feel that your condition requires the attention of a medical professional, please schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

In an emergency, please call the emergency services numbers, 112 or 104 (Hungary).

In other cases always call the designated service provider.

Designated service provider:
Teladoc Hungary Kft

Medical call centre day and night:  
for Students studying in Budapest or Szombathely: +36 1 461 1572

In case of a medical problem:

first step:

  • calling +36 1 461 1572
  • identifying yourself (name, birth date, passport number, education ID)
  • brief description of your medical problem
  • telephone consultation for your medical care
  • getting the doctor’s name, address and the date and time of your appointment

second step:

  • on-site appearance at the doctor
  • identifying yourself with your residence permit or passport (student ID is not acceptable)


Please note, that you need to pay the monthly fee for the month in which you obtained your private insurance. This means that even if you take out the insurance at any point during a particular month, you would still be required to pay the fee for that entire month.

It is important that you clearly understand what events are covered under the insurance you wish to take out.
Before taking out the insurance policy, please read carefully the documents below which are integral parts of the insurance policy.
Please be advised that as set forth in the policy conditions and in the Product Information, there are cases which are not covered under this insurance, or where the benefit payment is limited, or where the Insurance Company may be relieved from benefit payment.


Customer Information

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