For Incoming Student Participants

Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility - For Incoming Students


On this page we wish to inform students who plan to study as Erasmus+ ICM program participants at Eötvös Loránd University in the spring term of the academic year 2022/2023 about how to prepare, follow-up and close their mobilities. 

The structure of the academic year of 2022/2023

We would like to draw your attention to the calendar changes in the schedule of the spring semester of 2022/2023 academic year:

  • Registration period lasts from 13 February to 19 February. If you participate in a full-semester mobility (5 months) we recommend you to arrive in the registration week.
  • The spring break is moved to February 20-25. Please note that Erasmus+ scholarship is payed for the days spent at the host institution. In case you might decide to arrive at ELTE after the spring break, keep in mind that you will receive proportionately less grant support. 
  • The first day of the study period of the spring semester is 27 February 2023 (Monday).
  • The last day of study period is 27 May 2023 (Saturday).
  • The exam period lasts from 29 May (Monday) to 15 July (Saturday) of 2023.

As a consequence of the above schedule, a full-semester Erasmus+ ICM mobility implemented at ELTE this academic year officially begins on 15 February 2023 and ends on 14 July 2023. Please be aware that participants are entitled to an Erasmus+ scholarship only in the time period they spend at the host institution. In case you participate in the program with a full-semester scholarship and you might arrive later or leave earlier than the above proposed period, you will receive a proportionate amount of scholarship. 

Erasmus+ ICM documentation preparing the mobility

We recommend all incoming students participating in a full-semester mobility in the spring term of 2022/2023 to submit their Erasmus+ ICM documents no later than 25 November 2022.

1. Learning Agreement

The purpose of the Learning Agreement is to provide a transparent and efficient preparation of the study period / traineeship at ELTE and to ensure that you will receive recognition for the successfully completed courses at your home institution.

The Learning Agreement is Annex 1 to the Grant Agreement and has to be signed by all three parties (student, sending and host institution) in order to begin the mobility and receive grant payment.

Please upload your Learning Agreement confirmed and signed by you, your academic/international coordinator at your home institution and the academic or faculty coordinator at ELTE to the Before Mobility online form.

Learning Agreement sample

Guidelines for the Learning Agreement

  • Provide all requested mobility data, both for yourself and for the sending and host institutions.
  • ELTE's Erasmus code: HU BUDAPES01.
  • Before the mobility you only need to fill the Before the Mobility part of the Learning Agreement. At the bottom of the table, please mark your level of language competence.
  • Both Table "A" (Study Programme at the Receiving Institution) and Table „B” (Recognition at the Sending Institution) should be filled in with courses to be completed at ELTE and courses that are equivalent with them in the curriculum of the home Institution.
  • Students participating in a full-semester mobility should complete 20 ECTS credits at the minimum. Students conducting PHD research during their mobility at ELTE are not obliged to complete credits.
  • If, during your mobility, there are any changes in your final subject list, please modify your Learning Agreement by filling in the During the mobility part. This section has to be accepted and signed by all three parties again.

2. Health Insurance

It is mandatory to upload a scanned copy of a valid health insurance. We accept any kind of insurance that covers the entire mobility period and possible expenses of at least 30 000 EUR and is valid within the Schengen Area. Please make sure that on your uploaded insurance document the following data are visible:

  • your name
  • the name of your insurance company
  • the policy number of your health insurance (unique number identifying your health insurance)
  • the period, expenses and geographic area covered by your insurance

For further information please see our website.

3. Passport

Please make sure that your passport will be valid during the entire mobility period. You are required to submit a scanned copy of your passport with the online form.

4. Certificate of Student Status

This document shall certify that you are an active, registered student at your home university and will be during the entire mobility period as well. The certificate can be accepted only if it contains the signature of the issuing person and the stamp of the sending institution.

5. Before the Mobility Form

We use this online form to gather information for preparing your Grant Agreement. Please take your time to fill out the form and prepare all necessary documents and information in advance.  Before starting you will need your Learning Agreement finalized and signed by all parties, a valid passport, a health insurance and a Certificate of Student Status. Submitting the online form is mandatory.

6. Grant Agreement

The Grant Agreement contains the paying arrangements and calculation of the scholarship, and the rights and obligations of you, the student, and Eötvös Loránd University.

Once we have prepared your Grant Agreement, we will email it to you for review. If you agree to the contents of the Grant Agreement, please print out 4 copies. Please date and sign all 4 paper copies with a pen (with blue ink) and send them to the following address via post or courier service (the fastest way possible) by 25 November 2022:

Department of Erasmus+ & International Programmes
Directorate of Educational Affairs ELTE
Szerb utca 21-23

According to program regulations, ELTE will transfer 90% of your grant support before the mobility period and the remaining 10% after your mobility is successfully closed. (On how to close the mobility, see below). Please note that ELTE will pay your grant support in euros. In order to avoid unnecessary fees, you may wish to consider opening a euro bank account or find any other favorable option for receiving your grant support.

The grant payment can be expected in 3-4 weeks after the arrival of the signed Grant Agreement copies. Please note that ELTE cannot arrange grant transfers in the first two weeks of January 2023. However, since the spring semester of the 2022/2023 academic year starts later (on 27 February 2023), a possible delay might not prevent you to receive the first part of your scholarship before the beginning of your mobility period.

The amount of Erasmus+ ICM scholarship is 800 EUR/month. There is one-time travel support, based on the distance between the headquarters of the sending and the host institutions, calculated by the European Commission's calculator:



0 – 99 km

20 €

100 – 499 km

180 €

500 – 1 999 km

275 €

2 000 – 2 999 km

360 €

3 000 – 3 999 km

530 €

4 000 – 7 999 km

820 €

8 000 – 19 999 km

1 500 €



Housing arrangements have to be done by the incoming student. Please fill out the dormitory and housing registration form as soon as possible Dormitory registration ( For further information please see our websites: dormitory places and housing.

Please keep in mind that dormitory places might not be available. In case you use the services of our Housing Office, the landlords will require deposits (minimum 2 months rental fee) before moving in to the apartment. The cost of renting varies depending on whether you would like to rent a studio apartment (300-500 euros/month excluding utilities) or rent a shared room at one of the companies listed on the Housing Office’s website (around 170-330 euros/month excluding utilities).

Please note that the real estate market is also limited in Budapest. Thousands of international students are seeking for accommodation for the new semester. We strongly advise you to book your accommodation as soon as possible.


If you are coming from a country that is under visa obligations according to the Schengen acquis, you have to apply for a Visa for the purpose of studies (D-visa) at home.

If you are coming from a visa waiver country, we suggest you to apply for the Residence Permit for the Purpose of Studies at the nearest Hungarian consulate of your current residence. This way you will get your residence permit fastest way once you have arrived to Hungary. For further information on visa requirements please read this page carefully.

If you have further questions, contact

Closing Your Mobility

To close your mobility, the following documents must be submitted:

  • Transcript of Records clearly stating all earned credits.
  • Certificate of University Attendance confirming that you were present at the institution during the entire mobility period.
  • OR After the Mobility section in the Learning Agreement with both tables filled out, signed and stamped by the home and host institutions. This document, properly filled and signed, can substitute the above mentioned two other documents.
  • In addition, you must complete the online Participant Report. You will receive it as an authomatic email at the end of your mobility.