Hungarian Association for Innovation

Hungarian Association for Innovation

The Hungarian Association for Innovation, operating as a professional and employers’ business federation, focuses its activities on the role of innovation as a stimulus for the economy. It was established by 30 member institutes in 1990. The Association is intended to promote the creation, dissemination, transfer, adoption and practical utilization of intellectual products so that the performance and the income-generating potential of the companies and the Hungarian economy should be increased.  

The Association has created a prestigious national and international network; it organises professional conferences and symposiums and represents the professional interests of its members. ELTE has been a committed partner and a full member of the Association for ten years. Lénárd DARÁZS, Vice-Rector for General Affairs of ELTE, was elected Vice President of the Association in 2023.  

The Higher Education Section of the Association provides a favourable professional background for innovation activities in higher education in Hungary, including the development of proposals, position papers and other assistance: since 2022, Dániel MAGYAR, Director of the ELTE Center for Innovation, has been President of the Section. 

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