SIMpLe – Start-up and Innovation Management simuLation

SIMpLe – Start-up and Innovation Management simuLation HU

Project title: SIMpLe – Start-up and Innovation Management simuLation
Contract number: EGT/156/M4-0006
Requested grant: 245 474,04 EUR
Total budget: 272 748,94 EUR
Project duration: 1st May 2015 – 30th November 2016

As laid down in the Lisbon Strategy, Europe needs a higher education focusing better on creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The Eötvös Loránd University, the Bergen University College and the BusinessWorks Ltd. launched together a project with the cooperation of the Central European University as an external partner, in order to raise awareness on these aspects, to improve competencies and to develop a thorough and effective entrepreneurial curriculum in particular for non-business students. The participating universities will use a multidisciplinary approach with regard to the specificities of the different scientific fields. In Norway, a national strategy enhancing entrepreneurial education with special emphasis on higher education has already been established. In addition to that, the Bergen University College has a strong track record in entrepreneurial education and will transfer this knowledge and experience to the project. The main outcome of the project will be the web-based learning tool, by which students can experience peer-learning in business situations and can develop a general set of competences applicable in working life. Moreover, start-up interdisciplinary working-groups for business and non-business students will be established to emerge new business ideas. This process will be mentored and guided by business practitioners, while close collaboration between higher education institutions and SMEs/industry participants will be established. Also, the project will reflect to the different needs of the participating universities and their stakeholders, and will ensure an effective entrepreneurial curriculum based on real experiences, which can hence be a strong integral part of their education.

Project partners:
Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary – Project promoter
Bergen University College – Donor partner
BusinessWorks Human Resources Development Ltd.

External partner:
Central European University

Work packages:
WP1 Project management
WP2 Needs assessment
WP3 Curriculum development
WP4 Software programming
WP5 Test and evaluation
WP6 Interdisciplinary student start-up seminars
WP7 Dissemination
WP8 Quality assurance and sustainability

„Start-up ELTE-seknek” course
SIMpLe software
Start-up and innovation management interdisciplinary curriculum

29.11.2016.  HEInnovative Conference – SIMpLe project presentation (Budapest)
23.11.2016.  2nd Startup Night – SIMpLe exhibited by ELTE Innovation Center
21.10.2016.  SIMpLe closing event 2.0 – ELTE StartUp Day
19.10.2016.  ELTE joined Startup Europe Comes to Universities initiative
30.09.2016.  „Innováció Egyszerűen” – Researcher’s Night, SIMpLe programme
16.09.2016.  SIMpLe closing event 1.0 – Train-the-trainers
15.09.2016.  V. project management meeting (Budapest)
06.06.2016.  EDULEARN16 Conference – SIMpLe project presentation (Barcelona)
23.05.2016.  Innova Workshop – SIMpLe project presentation (prof. Faragó Klára – ELTE PPK)
11.05.2016.  ELTE Innovation Day – SIMpLe project presentation (ELTE, Budapest)
10.05.2016.  Presentation Day – Start-up and innovation-management workshop 2.
12.04.2016.  IV. project management meeting (Bergen)
01.03.2016.  Start-up and innovation management workshop 2.
01.03.2016.  „Az ötlet ereje” – SIMpLe workshop 2. opening presentation
29.01.2016.  III. project management meeting (Budapest, Bergen)
02.12.2015.  Start-up and innovation management workshop – closing eventy
07.10.2015.  Start-up and innovation management workshop 1.
11.09.2015.  ELTE Innovative Education Forum and SIMpLe exhibition
11.09.2015.  II. project management meeting (Budapest)
15.06.2015.  ISPIM 2015 Conference – SIMpLe project presentation (Budapest)
29.05.2015.  I. project management meeting
12.05.2015.  ELTE Innovative Idea Market

„Start-up ELTE-seknek” course

First university-wide startup course started in 2016/2017 1st semester!
The aim of the course is to give useable knowledge in innovation-management and etrepreneurship.

Course-code: Polányi:8

Mária Bodóné Harsányi – ELTE, Innovation Center
Ferenc Hammer – ELTE, Faculty of Humanities
Ádám Tarcsi – ELTE, Faculty of Informatics

Main themes of the course:
Innovation and entrepreneurship
Business idea and creative processes
Forming team
Business model: Markets and segments
Competitors, stakeholders and profilitability
Business communication: presenting business idea, pitch

SIMpLe software

Start-up and innovation management interdisciplinary curriculum

The aim of the curriculum is to strengthen students' competence (knowledge, skills and attitudes) when it comes to participate, organize, lead and contribute to innovation in existing business; development and creation of new businesses, including social entrepreneurship. In addition, the course will provide basic knowledge in business economic theory and provide insight in the development of new business ideas. Students receive a general introduction to all phases of the planning and implementation process. They will generate and evaluate new business ideas and prepare and analyze the business proposals. Students will be able to participate in and lead the existing operations, business establishment – and development. Students should know and understand the core principles of organization and management of private and public, for-profit and non-profit enterprises. The course will provide an insight in business ethics and social responsibility.
Presentaions of the curriculum available online.

29.11.2016.  HEInnovative Conference – SIMpLe project presentation (Budapest)

OECD HEInnovate Country Review and Report Conference organized 29 November 2016.
The event will showcase the findings of the HEInnovate country report and also highlight international good practice cases from Ireland, Germany and Denmark as well as Hungary. SIMpLe project is presented by Mária Bodóné Harsányi: „Startup with ELTE: Paving the way to Entrepreneuership via a University-Wide Course”.

23.11.2016.  2nd Startup Night – SIMpLe exhibited by ELTE Innovation Center

Secind Startup Night was organized by Budapest Enterprise Agency, where most significant actors of capital’s startup ecosystem are introduced. ELTE Innovation Center is invited, in „the arena of networking” SIMpLe project is introduced by project participants (ELTE).

Image source: 

Enquirers can be informed about the software’s structure and also about ELTE cours „Start-up ELTE-seknek” as well as other activities by Innovation Center such as innovation management or technology transfer.

21.10.2016.  SIMpLe closing event 2.0 – ELTE StartUp Day

What is „Start-up ELTE-seknek” course? What kind of challenges and support system is available for a young entrepreneur in Hungary or in the European Union? How can a good idea became a succesfully built enterprise, what is needed for a good business team and how can a business model work?
1st organized ELTE StartUp Day reaching for good answers for these questions.

The event is opened by the Chancellor of ELTE, Dr Gyula Scheuer, Acting Head of Department of NKFIH dr. Attila Kiss Tamás, Dr Katalin Tausz (professor, supervisor of SIMpLe project) and Mária Bodóné Harsányi (project manager of SIMpLe project, Innovation Center).

The main programme in StartUp Day is Mini Startup University. Participants, present and former ELTE students – running there own startup and moderators from SIMpLe project or from ELTE, talk about managing ideas, developing business model, sarting over after failure, and also about presenting a business plan.

For networking, participants can build relationships in Startup Café, also ELTE Alumni, Europe Direct and Startup and Innovation Management simpLe project were introduced.

As a closing programme of the event everyone can participate in a wide brainstorming by filling whit ideas the „ELTE Startup Programme” idea-wall.

ELTE StartUp Day is worthy to be a main closing event of SIMpLe Startup and Innovation management simuLation project: the event can unite the actors of academic and business world to start a valueable discourse about the role and method of educating entrepreneuership.

See you next year!

19.10.2016.  ELTE joined Startup Europe Comes to Universities initiative

The number of college graduates willing to start new businesses – the largest producer of private sector jobs over the past 25 years – still depends heavily on the entrepreneurial focus and structure of the universities from which they graduate.

Years ago, it was rare for a student to have entrepreneurship experience because the cost of starting a business was so high and they didn’t have the resources or expertise to pull it off.

Well, times have changed. Introducing – Startup Europe comes to Universities (SEC2U)!

SEC2U is an initiative endorsed by the European Commission (Startup Europe) to create a strong culture of entrepreneurship and innovation within universities across Europe. This consists of a series of events that bring together entrepreneurs, businessmen and representatives of local governments and universities in order to showcase the available support, share success stories and cases of failure, as well as network. The first edition of SEC2U will take place next month, from the 17th to the 21st of October and Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) will be joining the initiative!

During the event, that will take place in ELTE Lágymányosi Campus, Északi Tömb on the 21st of October, the entrepreneurs will be able to familiarize themselves with the opportunities and support available for growing their businesses. In addition, some success stories and cases of failure as a way of learning will be presented as well as some networking time among the participants.

Through this cooperation, led by the SIMpLe project of the Innovation Center of Eötvös Loránd University, a new step towards the internationalization was taken together with many other prestigious universities are already part of the SEC2U initiative: Cambridge University, University of Salamanca, University Nova of Lisbon, Dublin City University, U-tad University Center, Technical University of Cartagena, Ravensbourne and University of Cantabria, among others.

Finally – the event will be free of charge for the participants and will be focused on a regional/local level. This is a time to showcase the work of universities in the entrepreneurship area, build bridges between university communities and startup ecosystems, and facilitate connections! In the same spirit with similar objectives the Eötvös Loránd University, the Bergen University College and the BusinessWorks Ltd. launched together “SIMpLe – Start-up and Innovation Management simuLation” project funded by the EEA Grants. Within this initiative entrepreneurship curriculum supported by an online software was elaborated for non-business students, Startup ELE-seknek course was launched and via mentorship business and academia cooperation was extended. As the SIMpLe project closing event, the ELTE Startup Day joins SEC2U week initiative, ELTE can be a part of the European community of entrepreneurial universities.

Thirty-six universities have joined the initiative from fifteen different countries: Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, Israel, Cyprus, The Netherlands, Greece, Romania, Albania, Italy, Croatia, Germany, Hungary and Austria. With approximately 2000 people expected in attendance, this initiative is sure to foster collaboration and achieve a massive impact all over Europe.

Take the right step towards your future and don´t miss out on this opportunity. Get your free ticket here.

See you there!

About Startup Europe Universities Network (SEUN)

Startup Europe Universities Network is an initiative supported by the European Commission which aims to create a European community of universities and business/scientific parks with an entrepreneurship perspective by establishing an active and collaborative forum for exchanging information and best practices to support the development of entrepreneurship.

SEUN members: University of Salamanca, University of Cantabria, Technical University of Cartagena and U-Tad University Center from Spain, University of Cambridge and Ravensbourne form the United Kingdom, Dublin City University from Ireland and University of Nova from Portugal.

About Startup Europe Comes to the Universities (SEC2U)

Startup Europe Comes to the Universities (SEC2U) is in a Europe wide initiative where we will engage many European Universities and enable them to exhibit their effort with spreading entrepreneurial culture. SEC2U initiative will happen during the week of 17th to 21st of October 2016.

The main objective of the SEC2U events is to showcase the commitment of European universities to create a strong culture of entrepreneurship and innovation that is spreading in the university community. And as result transferring it to the society by creating startups and spinoffs with high added value, based on knowledge and technological development.

Manapság már jelentősen több forrás és szakmai támogatás érhető el a vállalkozó kedvű hallgatók és egyetemet végzett fiatalok számára, azonban a lehetőségek ismerete a nagy nyilvánosság számára még hiányos.

30.09.2016.  „Innováció Egyszerűen” – Researcher’s Night, SIMpLe programme 

Last day of September is a great opportunity to celebrate science via Researcher’s Night. In the programme of SIMpLe project, visitors can think together on how to make liveable our cities with innovative ideas and enterprises.

During the brainstorming one ELTE student (Faculty of Informatics) presenting her own project „Bütykölde”, where anyone can learn about electronics and programming in a funny and creative way.

The idea generation tool of SIMpLe software is tried by the participants, problems and solutions (morning traffic, traveling with lillte children, homeleessness) are created and evaluated via working groups.

16.09.2016.  SIMpLe closing event 1.0 – Train-the-trainers

The first programme of SIMpLe porject closing event is „Train-the-trainers”. Project partners from Eötvös Loránd University, Bergen University College (Høgskolen i Bergen) and BusinessWorks Hungary Ltd. participating and presenting. ELTE SIMpLe faculty coordinators, intrested students, lecturer from International Business School (Budapest), as well as the Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences, colleagues of ELTE Rector's Cabinet Office of Education Development and Talent Management and Peter Szalay the Vice-rector for Sciences visited the event.

Supervisor of SIMpLe project, Dr Katalin Tausz opens the event.

Train-the-trainers is for lecturers and prospective business partners with an interest in linking innovative education and business-thinking into academic education. Beyond that presenting the project or communicating the results, we want to implement the achievements of the project into academic structure.

The first presentation, (Presentation of the online curriculum) holding by Kari Havag, Judit J. Bargelien and Mária Bodóné Harsányi, shows the content and strucutre of the finalized curriculum, and the supporting phases of the software.

Gábor Csóti (BusinessWorks Hungary Ltd.) talks about the experiences of the two start-up and innovation management interdisciplinary workshops (Competency development and mentorship). Working together with students from different fields, the role of the mentors, advices and difficulties are discussed.

After the presentations some important statements are given by participants. Everyone agrees that software and the etrepreneurial curriculum is a good initiative, ELTE needs to be opened for a course like this.

15.09.2016.  V. project management meeting (Budapest)

The 5th porject management meeting of SIMpLe project is held in Eötvös Loránd University, Campus Lágymányos in 15-16 September 2016, organizing by ELTE Innovation Center.
During the meeting, project partners discussed important issues of closing the project, finalizing the curriculum and the supporting software, as well as the sustainability strategy, by working in „workpackage groups”.
The partners participating in a test-event, organised by Integral Vision Ltd. and ELTE Innovation Center, to try the software and to draw up issues of the online tool’s functioning.
After the meetings Ádám Tarcsi (ELTE IK) shows us around EIT Digital Hungarian Center and its innovation and entrepreneuership programme, also the activities of EIT Digital Academy are presented to project partners.

06.06.2016.  EDULEARN16 Conference – SIMpLe project presentation (Barcelona) 

SIMpLe project is presented in one of the biggest international education conference, EDULEARN16. More than 700 experts from 70 country share best practicies about innovative education system.
Kari Havag Voldsund takes a presentation: „Important Factors in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Course for Non-Business students”.
Authors of this presentation: Mária Bodóné Harsányi, Kari Havag Voldsund and Svein T Hagen.

The presentation is available online: „Important factors in innovation and entrepreneurship course for non-business students”

23.05.2016.  Innova Workshop – SIMpLe project presentation (prof. Faragó Klára – ELTE PPK)

Innova Research is a new initiative of Research Group on Higher Education and Innovation in ELTE Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology, which aims to research local and institutional innovative practises. Innova Research has a workshop-series where case studies are presented by researchers.

On 23 May 2016, presentation is held by Dr. Klára Faragó. As a faculty coordinator of SIMpLe project, she talked about innovation in higher education from the project’s perspective. Presentation is available online (only in Hungarian): „Innováció a felsőoktatásban – vállalkozói szellem erősítése – SIMpLe projekt”.

11.05.2016.  ELTE Innovation Day – SIMpLe project presentation (ELTE, Budapest)

ELTE Innovation Day is an annual event, which is taking place for the 10th time and organised by the Center for Innovation. The event brings together scientists, entrepreneurs, technology transfer managers and decision makers. The last session of the conference is called Social Innovation and the project is presented by Dr. Katalin Tausz. The presentation starts with a short brief about social innovation and social entrepreneurship in the European Union and in Hungary and after in this dimension SIMpLe project is presented. Specifically from the universities perspective highlights the course's efficiency in interdisciplinary education.

In this event also an exhibition is organized where institutions and organizations from ELTE could represent their works. In this exhibition SIMpLe project presents the course, named "Start-up ELTE-seknek", which will start on September 2016.

Presentation is available online (only in Hungarian).

10.05.2016.  Presentation Day – Start-up and innovation-management workshop 2.

Eötvös Lorand University and BusinessWorks Hungary organized the Start-up and Innovation Management Workshop 2. which ends on 10 May. The last seminar day is a public event where the seminar participants present their ideas and business models. The prize of the competition is a half year mentor programme held by BWH.

12.04.2016.  IV. project management meeting (Bergen)

The 4th project management meeting is held in Bergen, Norway.

Aim of the 4th project management meeting is to discuss project progress, the modification of work plan and budget.

Project participants participate in a Campus tour organized by Bergen University College (HiB) and meet with the Vice-Rector of HiB. Project participant also visits incubator center in Bergen, where the centers talent program is presented by two participants.

01.03.2016.  „Az ötlet ereje” – SIMpLe workshop 2. opening presentation

Date: 1. March 2016 2:00 PM
Place: Room 0.100B (Cseh-Szombathy), 1/A Pázmány Péter sétány Budapest 1117, Hungary

What makes an idea turn into a successful business?
If you are interested in innovation, start-ups, join our event!

György Bőgel, teacher of Central European University Business School, expert of management and company organization, will be open the Start-up and Innovation Management Workshop 2. with a presentation about idea-management and entrepreneurship.

The presentation, "Az ötlet ereje" (Power of the idea) will be held in Hungarian.

Everyone is welcome who is interested.

01.03.2016.  Start-up and innovation management workshop 2.

29.01.2016.  III. project management meeting (Budapest, Bergen)

The 3rd project management meeting was held on 29 January 2016. This meeting was a videoconference with the Norwegian partners.

Project participants agreed on the below agenda:

  • Overview of the project progress by work packages on the progress report template
  • Mid-term reporting and financial monitoring
  • Update of dissemination strategy and quality assurance plan

02.12.2015.  Start-up and innovation management workshop – closing eventy

The closing event of the Start-up and Innovaton Management Workshop series organised by ELTE and BusinessWorks Hungary takes place on 2 December 2015. During this final session, participating students present their business plans, that are based on the ideas they developed over the course of the series, in front of a professional jury. The teams have successfully completed the course and implemented the practical knowledge acquired throughout the workshops to develop their innovative ideas, thus getting a step further to realising them. We wish them all the best in their future endeavours!

A second series will be launched in the spring of 2016.

The workshop series have been implemented through a partnership between ELTE, BusinessWorks Hungary and the Bergen University College in co-operation with the CEU Business School and funded by the EEA Financial Mechanism.

07.10.2015.  Start-up and innovation management workshop 1.

Download detailed information from here

11.09.2015.  ELTE Innovative Education Forum and SIMpLe exhibition

The Hungarian Higher Education Strategy and European policy recommendations, guidelines acknowledge that innovative education methods support efficiency and effectiveness in higher education and enhance employability of students and graduates. In order to boost innovation at higher education institutions, in line with international trends, there is a need to increase creativity, improve innovative thinking abilities and entrepreneurial spirit. New education methods create an inspirational environment at the institutions that support the development and implementation of innovative ideas.

The ELTE Innovative Education Forum is an event for sharing experiences, discussing opportunities for wider use of innovative education methods and exploring barriers. SIMpLe project aims to boost innovation potential of participating universities. The interactive and online exhibition will provide some inspiration, idea that can support education.

09:30–10:00  Registration
10:00–10:20  Welcome addresses by Dr. Éva Orosz Vice-rector for education  and by Dr. Peter Szalay Vice-rector for innovation
10:20–11:30  ELTE Innovative Education Forum
11:30–12:30  Vernissage – SIMpLe Innovative Education

More information:
The exhibition is available online until 30 September 2015 on the Facebook page of the ELTE Center for Innovation.

11.09.2015.  II. project management meeting (Budapest)

Project team

SIMpLe – Start-up and Innovation Management simuLation project’s second management meeting is held by ELTE participants, on the 11th of September in 2015.

Project activities start in six work packages, contributing to the achievement of project objectives:

  • strengthening the innovation capacity of higher education institutions participating in the project
  • strengthening the entrepreneurial spirit
  • knowledge-based innovative business ideas to create
  • inspiring academic environment for creating innovative teaching methods to distribute

15.06.2015.  ISPIM 2015 Conference – SIMpLe project presentation (Budapest)

SIMpLe project has been introduced to participants at the project spark sessions of the annual Conference of the International Society for Professionals gathered innovation researchers, industry representatives, practitioners and policy makers to discuss the latest innovation management issues from industry and academia point of view. Around 500 innovation experts participated at the event from all over the world representing 50 countries.

Date: 15 June 2015
Place: Budapest, 2015 ISPIM Conference
Authors: Györgyi Antoni, Mária Bodóné Harsányi (presenter), Attila Varga
Title: Multidisciplinary approach and gamification to motivate non-business students to innovate.

Abstract: Motivating non-business students to generate innovative ideas requires special approach because they have typically no background knowledge and little interest in economics. Those multidisciplinary universities, which have no business faculties, face an additional challenge in motivating their non-business students to be more innovative. An undergoing pilot project was executed to test how a group of students from an unusual combination of scientific fields cooperate and how this mix effects the generation of social innovative ideas. Cross-faculty activities have to be considered to provide a kind of 'social seed' capital to the participating students for further initiatives. Multidisciplinary approach on developing innovative ideas was mixed with gamification elements and flow experience can help break down barriers towards economics in non-business students and open their mind to such innovation. Further improving this approach a new project has been started to develop an online multidisciplinary platform for cyberlearning.

29.05.2015.  I. project management meeting

1st project management meeting is held on 29 May 2015 with the participation of project partners in order to officially launch SIMpLe project.

The project reflects on the need that enhancement of creativity, innovation and development of entrepreneurial mind-sets is essential to economic growth in Europe and higher education institutions have a key role in developing such attitudes. Partnership is therefore established among the Eotvos Lorand University (ELTE), the Bergen University College (HiB) and the BusinessWorks Ltd. As an external partner, the Central European University (CEU) supports this initiative in a separate cooperation agreement with the project promoter.

ELTE has a wide range of scientific research and educational profiles (Science, Informatics, Social Sciences, Humanities, Law, Pre-school and Primary Education) with a significant number of students. However, ELTE intends to include entrepreneurial education within non-business studies, as the demand for entrepreneurial soft skills is increasing even for those who do not specialise in business studies. Also there is a need for a university-wide strategic approach to link presently scattered entrepreneurship education initiatives and link different faculties’ activities and enhance interaction at students level.

HiB has experience in entrepreneurship education targeted to business and non-business students. It intends to further improve its curriculum and benefit from the interdisciplinary approach of the project and the online tool being developed. Moreover, HiB students can benefit from the international cooperation while experience and practice business plan development on real business cases.

BusinessWorks Ltd. has experience in supporting students during their university years by involving them in innovative projects in specific business areas, where they even have the opportunity to transform an idea into valuable business results. Three years ago, the company started a separate project called BusinessLab with the unique aim to equip students with practical field experience based on real business cases, and also helps them take their first steps in business life while establishing strong relationships with companies.

12.05.2015.  ELTE Innovative Idea Market

ELTE Center for Innovation organise an Innovative Idea Market for students, professors, university staff to collect ideas, opinions on how to motivate students to develop innovative ideas. An online platform is used for brainstorming and assessment. More than 100 ideas are proposed, evaluated and ranked. Workshop participants recommend that good practices should be highlighted, fiscal and non-fiscal incentives, mentoring should be provided and channelled, both regular and extra-curricular activities should be organised, innovative teaching methods should be widespread at the institution. There is a strong need for multidisciplinary cooperation at the university and a virtual platform would be an efficient way to realize it. Outcome of this idea market will be further evaluated and used during the project implementation.

How can we motivate students to develop innovative ideas?
We look for efficient and viable solutions that empower students and university staff to develop, implement innovative ideas and thus contribute to boost entrepreneurial spirit within the university.

If you missed our event, but you have an idea, please do not hesitate to share with us by sending an e-mail to antoni.gyorgyi et or harsanyi.maria et