Territorial Innovation Platforms

Territorial Innovation Platforms

From the point of view of the performance and competitiveness of the constantly evolving Hungarian innovation ecosystem, it is crucial that the relationships between the actors – the public sector, higher education and research institutions, businesses and professional organizations - are strengthened at the local level as well. With the support of the Ministry of Culture and Innovation, the National Research and the Development and Innovation Office (NKFIH), the Territorial Innovation Platform (TIP) organizes and supports national hubs to promote the flow of information and knowledge transfer, building domestic and international cooperation, and international professional relationships, with a new approach. 

The TIP is a regional organization that provides opportunities to learn about the directions of innovation policy, to establish and strengthen collaboration with actors of the local and international innovation ecosystem, and to create new professional cooperative initiatives, thereby contributing to the transformation of the Hungarian economy into a competitive and sustainable knowledge economy. The TIPs contribute to one of the most important aims of the government, which is to increase Hungary's international competitiveness in the field of Innovation. 

Through the established TIPs, based on the University's knowledge base, organizations have been created that focus on the main strengths of the key actors of the regional innovation environment. The Platforms are also important elements of the smart specialization strategy, so it is a priority to involve the business, academic and R&D spheres, and also the widest possible range of social actors in the planning process. The TIPs operate at the local level, coordinated by the NKFIH, mainly in the framework of thematic, professional events and workshops.  

Through the initiative, the members: 

  • become active participants in the development of national professional programmes affecting innovation, and can learn about the latest R&D policy directions, 

  • will be able to use resources more efficiently,  

  • are informed about current domestic and international innovation applications and sources, 

  • have direct access to R&D capacities and services provided by universities. 

On November 28, 2019, the Budapest Territorial Innovation Platform was established with the participation of eleven Hungarian higher education institutions and the NKFIH. ELTE is among the founding members.

HU 05.02.2024.