Litvinenko Elena

Litvinenko Elena

Study program: English Studies MA

Country: Russian Federation

Stipendium Hungaricum

Period of studies at ELTE: 2016.09.04 - 2018.06.30

"To study at ELTE is a possibility to expand the horizons. Discover the Best in Yourself!"


To study in the heart of Europe is one of the dreams of any student. Hungary is one of the 15 most popular tourist destinations in the world with a capital regarded as one of the most beautiful cities. And Eötvös Loránd University is one of the best and oldest and the most prestigious universities of Hungarian higher education. The university prepares young professionals to become opinion-shaping members of the society, who will participate in the highest quality of education and attain a position that enables them to broaden their intellectual horizons, shape the future and better understand the network of connections amongst the languages, cultures and civilizations of the world.

To study at ELTE is a possibility to expand the horizons. Discover the Best in Yourself!

What do you like most about being a student at ELTE?

I think it is the broad academic curriculum which offers within a high-quality education system the efficiently operating administration and infrastructure and, above all, the international environment. Besides, students can get a unique possibility to do internship in the world's largest companies and to implement their own projects or work in the world-level laboratories. You can reveal your potential and achieve goals!

What are the challenges in your study program?

My experience as an international student has, overall, been positive. I do not have any challenges. Although I can mention one: Hungarian is one of the difficult languages in the world. When I came to Hungary, I couldn’t understand anything from the language for two weeks!

How do you think your degree will help  you in your life and career?

In a rapidly evolving employment landscape, the ability to anticipate and prepare for future skills requirements is increasingly important. That’s why education plays a great role in the life of every person. Finding rising levels of education among young people has become one of the most urgent tasks in order to be qualified and competent specialists. To be ready in the dynamically developing world as a competitive person, I have chosen to study at ELTE in Hungary.

Do you have any advice for future students at ELTE?

Don’t miss the opportunity to study in Hungary! ELTE opens a lot of successful doors for everyone in life such as: studying new foreign languages; expanding world view; making foreign friends; taking part in international student projects, university activities, conferences, etc. Moreover, ELTE is counted as one of the best universities with a high position in rankings. That’s why it is one of the best ways to pursue successful careers in their selected fields.