Oubahmane Mehdi

Oubahmane Mehdi

Study program: Hevesy György PhD School of Chemistry

Country: Morocco

Stipendium Hungaricum

Period of studies at ELTE: 2015.09.01 - 2018.06.30

"Studying at ELTE will provide students with the knowledge and academic needs that all international students seek to have."


ELTE is a fantastic university renowned for academic excellence. The methods of teaching at ELTE is worldly well known for its reputation, and being taught by experts and qualified professors in my subject area really appealed to me and to thousands of students around the world. Budapest is a youthful and cosmopolitan city with a plenty of things to see and to do, so this drastically resulted into my decision to enroll at ELTE.

What do you like most about being a student at ELTE?

I had heard about ELTE before I came to Budapest as a distinctive university as many other universities in Europe, but when I arrived, I discovered what makes it such a great place to live and study and why the university itself has been rated top of international student satisfaction in Hungary. 

What are the challenges in your study program?

The challenge that I had was the integration to the new atmosphere of the campus with the special kind of life and culture of Hungary, which to some extent was different from mine, and fortunately my supervisor helped me overcome all the challenges that I encountered, and later, I got myself adapted to this student life quickly.

How do you think your degree will help you in your life and career?

Having a Ph.D. degree from ELTE as one of the leading research universities in Europe and number one in Hungary is really a great opportunity to develop my career and it provides me with academic and professional skills, a great deal of knowledge, and new visions which definitely will make my future life and career much easier.

Do you have any recommendations for future students at ELTE?

I strongly recommend ELTE to all future students who would like to enjoy their studies and the ideal student life in Budapest. Studying at ELTE will provide students with the knowledge and academic needs that all international students seek to have. However, that does not mean not to take studies at ELTE seriously. So, if you are a patient, determined, and hardworking student, then ELTE is the suitable place that will require these little efforts.