Shanjida Afrin

Shanjida Afrin

Study program: Biology MSc

Country: Bangladesh

Period of studies at ELTE: 2021.09.01 - 2023.07.31

I would like to recommend them to study in ELTE if they want to experience quality education and world-class environment. 

What stood out to you about ELTE?

  • Long, glorious history
  • Well reputed as a world class research university
  • Well known researchers and professionals
  • One of the most outstanding European educational institution

What makes studying at ELTE so great?

  • Open, Multinational environment
  • Impartial and equal treatment to students from all background
  • English based degree opportunity for all the courses
  • Better research scopes and professional training

What are / were your challenges in your study program?

The biggest challenge for me was the differences in the course curriculum. There was a huge difference between the syllabus, exam pattern and assessment process in many courses between my country and here. Also, the cultural and language barrier added difficulty to this challenge.

How did you overcome these challenges?

The Professors were very helpful. They responded immediately whenever I asked about any problems either online or face to face. Also, I was lucky to have a few international students as my friends. As many of them were having similar problems, we decided to form a group, to discuss the study related problems together. Some of my Hungarian classmates also helped us to overcome this issue. Furthermore, the Mentoring network system was an excellent decision to ease the problems of newcomers like me.

How would you describe ELTE in three words?

Excellency, Multinationality, Quality

How do you think your degree will help you in your life and career?

Of course, I am planning to be a potential researcher in the field of biological scinence, as well as a teacher in future. ELTE is giving me a very good opportunity to prepare myself for my future carrier. Apart from the course-based study, there are many research institutes where students can get involved. Currently, I am working in the “Cognitive Neuroscience Research Group” at the Natural Science Institute of ELTE. I am learning new techniques like EEG, fMRI etc. here. All these, are part of my degree program and I can ensure that they will be of great help in my life as well as career in future.

Do you have any recommendations for future students at ELTE?

Of course.  I would like to recommend them to study in ELTE if they want to experience quality education and world-class environment. Also, if they want to gather knowledge from excellent teachers and are waiting for better opportunities, its worth to study here.