Zara Qasim

Zara Qasim

Study program: Psychology BA

Country: Pakistan

Stipendium Hungaricum

Period of studies at ELTE: 2016.09.01 - 2019.07.01

"ELTE was definitely my top choice considering the course structure, excellent teachers, and top-notch facilities."


I applied not knowing what I would be getting into as I had travelled the world and many countries of Europe but never visited Hungary before. Applying here and also receiving a full scholarship was like a dream for me! I could not let the chance of a lifetime go, especially when I knew I got accepted for a psychology bachelor’s program in one of the oldest and most prestigious universities of the world. ELTE was definitely my top choice considering the course structure, excellent teachers, and top-notch facilities.

What I most like about being a student at ELTE?

A perfect blend of stimulating academics, exciting extracurriculars and a wonderfully inclusive community make ELTE the best place for me as a student. Along with this, the perk of having the Faculty of Psychology and Education right in the heart of the vibrant city of Budapest just elevates the whole experience.

What are the challenges of the study programme?

One challenge for me was adjusting to the academic system of the university. It was much more flexible as compared to back home but of course more rigorous and demanding. I can happily say that I am well adjusted to it now.

Another challenge for me was language. Hungarian seemed like a strange distinct language; one I thought I would not be able to learn. However, I overcame this challenge during my second semester when I decided to take up Hungarian as an elective course offered by ELTE. It was fun and now I can say I am no longer foreign to the language!

How do you think your degree will help you in your career?

I feel that the international experience of studying abroad at ELTE really makes a difference in one’s future because it stands out in our CV as this university is recognized globally. It provides me the basic understanding of the world we live in, thus broadening my world view, gaining exciting experiences while learning and also sharing this with so many other international students. Therefore, I consider this degree as my first step to becoming a clinical psychologist in the future as this program is setting a strong base of ideas and essential knowledge for me.

Do you have any recommendations for future students of ELTE?

Just one: HAVE FUN! Many challenges await you but none you cannot overcome. If you have any doubt or troubles, don’t hesitate to ask your professors for help as they will surely assist you. So enjoy, study hard, make lots of friends and live life to the fullest in this beautiful city of Budapest.