Erasmus Student Network (ESN)

Erasmus Student Network (ESN)

ESN ELTE is here so that you won’t feel all alone: besides organizing social activities, the most direct help ESN ELTE provides is through the mentor system. 

ESN ELTE mentors help international students with everyday problems and they guide international students through their international experience during their stay at ELTE in Budapest. They are enthusiastic, open-minded and helpful Hungarian ELTE students. International students can turn to their mentors for help any time they need it. Mentors will be there to help international students with their first steps in Hungary and at the university, such as university administration, finding a flat or room, the best pubs, shops, restaurants, etc. There are mentors working at each ELTE faculty, so international students can turn to their mentors with faculty-specific questions as well.  

How to request a mentor?

If you are an exchange student, you can request a mentor when you fill in the registration form. If you select “YES” for the question “Do you request a student mentor in ELTE?”, we will contact you via email.

If you are a degree student, please email the Mentor System Coordinator of ESN ELTE ( .

If you haven’t requested a student mentor when you registered but later you would like to have a mentor who you can rely on during your whole stay in Budapest, then you can still email the Mentor System Coordinator of ESN ELTE (

President, Vice-President, and Faculty Chief Mentors



Vice President Kata DIETRICH

Faculty of Law (ÁJK) 
Faculty Chief Mentor


Bárczi Gusztáv Faculty of Special Needs Education (BGGyK) 
Faculty Chief Mentor

Flóra GÁL

Faculty of Humanities (BTK)
Faculty Chief Mentor


Faculty of Informatics (IK)
Faculty Chief Mentor


Faculty of Education and Psychology (PPK) 
Faculty Chief Mentor

Orsolya Noémi PESTHY

Faculty of Social Sciences (TáTK) 
Faculty Chief Mentor


Faculty of Primary and Pre-School Education (TÓK) 
Faculty Chief Mentor


Faculty of Science (TTK) 
Faculty Chief Mentor

András MELEG