Erasmus+ International credit mobility - Before you apply

Application procedure of Erasmus+ International credit mobility programme agrees to the procedure of the Erasmus+ programme to European countries.
List of partner universities in non-European countries will be updated in the call for application: September 2019

Erasmus+ International credit mobility students studying at a host university:

  • Spend 3 - 10 months abroad as a student;

  • Do not pay tuition fee at the host university;

  • Have a student status at the home university with receiving associated grants from and paying necessary costs to the home university;

  • Fulfil one part of their studies away from their home university and these subjects/credits are accepted by the home university upon arrival (though before departure, the study programme is planned together with the academic representative of the student at the home university). ECTS credits determined by the host university must be fulfilled on an average basis in a semester but it can not be less than 20 ECTS. The minimum credits that must be fulfilled at the courses is specified by the academic representative of the home university (these minimum numbers are defined by the Institute/Department of the home university and published in their calls). PhD students may perform research activities as defined in the context of the partner university training plans as part of training (min. ECTS is not determined).

  • Might receive an Erasmus+ financial grant for a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 months. Only subjects and courses directly related to the student’s major at the home university are accepted, while other subjects and courses will be evaluated by a separate procedure.

Please do check the set of available courses at the website of the host university and do carefully study information about their language and level (BA/BSc or MA/MSc). For information on how to apply and the host university’s available programmes, please contact Faculty Coordinators. You can obtain information about the list of partner institutions and professional coordinators by contacting Faculty Coordinators and searching on Faculty websites. Calls for Erasmus+ application might also be published on wall posters as well.



  • With Hungarian nationality or registration or permanent residence permit or residence permit;

  • Studying in a minimum of a 6 semester- long programme who are in their 2nd year studies at least (the faculty regulations can be different from this rule);

  • With a student status at Eötvös Loránd University in that semester the student is planning his/her mobility;

  • Who meet the criteria of the department’s or institute’s published call.

According to the rules/regulations of the Erasmus+ program each student can obtain Erasmus status for max. 12 months on the basis of level of educations (studies and internship in total, even if it is label (zero grant) mobility). If the student has already participated in Erasmus program but she/he could not use the 12 month Erasmus period, the student can apply again (even if, it is label (zero grant) mobility). The following students can apply as well: Students studying in a master or doctoral programme and they have already participated in Erasmus program in a different study cycle (in case of an MA/MSc student it means BA/BSc, in case of a doctoral student it means MA/MSc and BA/BSc).


Only paper applications will be available for the call. Applications appealing to the call and the Faculty’s special criteria must be handed in printed and signed with attachments to the assigned Faculty Coordinator (the name given in the application call) until 16 March 2016 the latest). Please note that applications with late or insufficient submission are not accepted.


Submitted applications are evaluated by a professional board, formed by the Institute/Department until 31 June 2019 the latest. The ranking is published on this day by the Faculties. The evaluation criteria are published in the call. The student might be required to participate at a personal interview after receiving the written evaluation.

General criteria of the evaluation (the list is not in a priority order, there might be other aspects as well according to differing Faculty regulations):

  • Language proficiency at the study field;

  • Academic achievement;

  • Professional awareness;

  • Academic excellence or other significant professional achievement;

  • Participation in Student Union activities or others at related organizations;

  • Participation in a Student Mentor/Buddy System, supporting students.

Students who have not participated in the Erasmus+ programme before are given priority in the evaluation.

Based on the above points, the Institutes/Departments nominate students to the Erasmus Board (for study tours, and financial grants).

Should you have any questions in relation with preparing your application, please feel free to contact your Faculty/Institute/Department Coordinator.