Call for application: Erasmus+ Scholarship for studies and traineeship

Eötvös Loránd University announces the invitation to apply for Erasmus + mobility programmed for the 2017/2018 academic year.

Within the Erasmus + mobility framework, it is possible to partake in the following mobility programs form 1 June 2017 – 30 September 2018.

Study part of your degree abroad through relevant modules.
(Study abroad is on average 5 – 10 months, a minimum of 90 days max 360 days)

(Internships or work placement are 2-12 months, but a minimum of 60 days)

You can find the partner institutions by searching through the list of faculties.


These lists are for general information only. For the specific faculties please consult the faculty coordinator and refer to the NEPTUN platform.If necessary you may apply in a paper format.

Depending on your study programme, please check which institution has the relevant course and modules accepted by your faculty.

Your Faculty/Acaemic coordinators can be found on this link.

The directory of institution where you can apply: (pdf, xls)

This list contains institutions with established dialogue (were previous ELTE students have worked and further ELTE students are welcome). Apart form this there is the possibility to apply to any European Institution and organization. The list regularly updated with new additions.

Useful pages to look for Work Placements and Internships:

You can also do your internship or work placement within 12 months post completion of your degree!

You can download the detailed call for application here
You need to submit your application on the NEPTUN platform by the 4 March 00:00 (24:00)!
Technical guidance for the application (in Hung.) can be downloaded from here
If a specific institution or faculty has specific requirements please address and take it into consideration when applying.
Incomplete, missing relevant information and illegible or late (after deadline) applications will not be accepted.


Students travelling to Universities in:Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Italy and Sweden.

500 Euros per month in the case of studying abroad (even with combined mobility) and 600 Euros for work placement / internships

Students travelling to Universities in:Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Holland, Croatia, Iceland, Luxemburg, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia and Turkey.

450 Euros per month in the case of studying abroad (even with combined mobility) and 550 Euros for work placement / internships. 

Students travelling to Universities in: Bulgaria, Estonia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Romania, Slovakia.

400 Euros per month in the case of studying abroad (even with combined mobility) and 500 Euros for work placement / internships. 

We must draw to the applicants’ attention that the scholarship does not cover all expenses while staying abroad; these must be covered by additional sources.

To receive information about the Erasmus + scholarship we hold information workshops. Please come along to have your queries answered at any of the following time and places:

Tuesday 21 February 2017
13.30–15.00    Faculty of Education and Psychology, Erasmus + students’ testimonials.  (IZU P3)        

Wednesday 22 February 2017
15.00–16.30    Faculty of Primary and Pre-School Education, Erasmus + students’ testimonials. („Pipitér Bistro”)

Thursday 23 February 2017
14.00-15.30     ELTE Erasmus + and Campus Mundi programme information (BTK Campus, D building, Eötvös Hall) 

Monday 27 February 2017
16.00-17.00     Workshop: How to write a cover a letter / CV (Resume) for Erasmus + internship work placement (Lágymányos Campus -1.63 room)

Tuesday 28 February 2017
10.00-14.00     30 years of Erasmus programme – Information, Workshops (Facebook event) Venues: BTK Camous, building:D, Eötvös Hall & Lágymányos Campus (in front of the Students Union Office)

Wednesday 29 February 2017
13.00-14.30    Last Minute Erasmus + information – practical advice, questions and answers BTK Campus B building, 172 lacture hall

Saturday 4 March 2017
Application Deadline on NEPTUN

Further Information:

When you prepare your application check carefully the courses and information given on the partner institutions websites. Find out in what language and level the education is provided (Undergraduate or Masters).  You can find further and specific information about the education provided by the partner institutes form the faculty coordinators.

Evaluation on the Scholarship Application:

Applications will be judged by the specific institutional/faculty committees. Criteria of the application will be set by the specific faculty. Following the primary assessment of the application, the relevant institution / faculty may interview the candidate according to their specific criteria.
General guidelines of how applications will be judged (not in order of priority; faculty criteria and rules can be additional):

  • Course related language knowledge;

  • Academic achievement/ Grades;

  • Course related knowledge and practice;

  • Course related and any other notable achievements;

  • Active participation in the Student Union or any other organization;

  • Incoming Erasmus students mentoring.

  • Students who have not participated previously in Erasmus programme are prioritised.

According to the above, the institutions / departments make suggestions to the faculty Erasmus + / Foreign affairs committee, that within their cooperative framework who would be suitable to study abroad or do a work placement / internship abroad and the selected students are put forward for EU grants or a scholarship.

The students who do not obtain a scholarship or grant but are selected by the relevant institution/ department for travel, can part take on the Erasmus programme if they have sufficient means to do so (“label” students). It is possible to apply for other grants to cover the costs E.g. Campus Mundi.

Erasmus + student – weather or not they receive an Erasmus+ EU grant – are exempted from paying fees for tuition, registration examinations and access to laboratory and library facilities at the host institution.

The payment of any national grant or loan to outgoing students should be maintained during the study period abroad. (Stipendium Hungaricum students cannot apply for Erasmus+ Scholarship!)

The Student and Teaching Mobility Committee will determine the final list of successful candidates by the first-second  week of April 2017. Students will receive the official result through the NEPTUN platform within 3 weeks after a decision has been reached.