Call for applications - International Alumni Group Leaders

Call for applications - International Alumni Group Leaders
Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) is looking for ELTE International Alumni Group Leaders.

What are ELTE Local International Alumni Groups?

Local International Alumni Groups are organized in a certain country for graduates at ELTE. Members of the group have educational experience and wish to be connected to ELTE and with each other.

Each ELTE International Alumni Group is led and managed directly by ELTE international alumni volunteers. ELTE International Alumni Group Leaders are in regular and direct contact with the International Office, ELTE.

Who can apply?

Anyone can apply and be an International Alumni Group Leader who graduated at ELTE or had active student status at ELTE for at least one semester and is an alumni member at ELTE. (Not a member yet? Check how you need to register to become member of the ELTE Alumni International Chapter.)

If you want to build network between ELTE and local alumni, organize events for alumni in your region, promote ELTE and find supporters for ELTE, you are a perfect candidate to be an ELTE International Alumni Group Leader.

How to become an International Alumni Group Leader?

We are looking for enthusiastic ELTE international alumni who would like to be leaders of their local Alumni Groups. If you are located in a region where no local alumni group exists and if you are interested in setting up and running one there, please fill in the Interest form.

Benefits for Group Leaders:

The Alumni Group Leadership is voluntary.

  • Be part of a valuable international community
  • Maintain your worldwide friendships and relationships
  • Reach further learning opportunities
  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Receive a certificate

What are your duties as an International Alumni Group Leader?

  • Set up your Local International Alumni Group (if not set up yet).
  • Encourage graduates in your region to become an active ELTE alumni member.
  • Represent and promote ELTE in your region.
  • Organise social events for your group members
  • Complete the annual update survey sent out by the International Office
  • The position is unpaid, it runs on a voluntary basis.

How to apply to become an ELTE International Alumni Leader?

STEP 1: Check
Check if you are eligible to apply.

STEP 2: Apply
Please fill in the online Interest Form.

STEP 3: Contact
The International Office will have a look at your application and contact you with details.

STEP 4: Training
If you and the International Office decide about your cooperation, the International Office will organize a training for you (online; or if possible, in person).

STEP 5: Plan of action
Prepare a plan of action and send it to the International Office: Your ideas about the operation and aims of the group; type and data of events.

STEP 6: Start activities
After you have agreed on your activities with the International Office, you can start your activities.

Remember! You are in constant contact with the ELTE International Office and you can get help from them any time.