ELTE is changing its image

ELTE is changing its image HU
The logo and image of Eötvös Loránd University is changing, and in the future, ELTE will appear on online platforms and printed materials with modern, yet recognizable visuals.

The key objective of Eötvös Loránd University's image change is to reflect the position of the university as the most popular and oldest institution in Hungary and the leading university in the rankings of higher education in Hungary. ELTE wants to achieve this in a modern, recognizable, and distinguishable way.

Prior to the graphic design, the identity, values, and strengths of ELTE were summarized through research that included focus group studies and stakeholder interviews. Based on the research, a consensus has been reached, and it was agreed that Eötvös Loránd University has a great reputation, but in addition to the prestige of the University in scientific fields, the new image must display the University’s ability to innovate and open-mindedness as well.

In addition to the modernized logo, which is based on the University crest, the highlight of the image is the acronym “ELTE”, as well as the two circles, which refer to the frame of the crest, which is broken up by small gaps.

The creators want to encourage the viewer to think about and examine the details when they look at the dynamic and striking visual design.

The new logo and image fit into the international trends represented by the world’s leading universities, emphasizing the modernized elements of the university’s traditional crest. Similar logos and image changes were made in the past by the University of Oxford and Harvard University, but by the University of Barcelona, Trinity College Dublin, and Utrecht University as well. The latter three institutions are participating in the CHARM-EU initiative with Eötvös Loránd University, which aims to co-create a European University focusing on interdisciplinary and challenge-driven education.

The new image was created within the University, with contribution from graphic artists Teodóra Tóth (logo design) and Zsófia Laborc (image finalization) at ELTE’s Directorate of Communications, Marketing and Recruitment, and its elements will gradually appear on ELTE's online pages and on University materials in the coming weeks.

The new logo does not erase the University crest, the crest may still be used in official university communication.