ELTE Science Communication Contest 2024

ELTE Science Communication Contest 2024 HU
The ELTE Communication Directorate and the Office of Science Policy welcome applications from bachelor, master and doctoral students alike.

The promotion of science is becoming more prevalent in the era of open science and community science. ELTE's call is for those who wish their research to reach a wider audience.

In the competition, students participating in bachelor and master's programs can apply in the junior age group, while doctoral students, candidates for doctoral degrees, as well as ELTE lecturers and researchers with a PhD degree can apply in the senior age group. Additionally, recipients of the New National Excellence Program, the Cooperative Doctoral Program, or Doctoral student Excellence Scholarship Program scholarships can compete in a separate category.

Applicants must summarize their research topic in a simple style that is easy to understand in 1 A4 page (approximately 3500 characters), and then present it in an interesting and convincing manner to the jury in a maximum 5-minute long video. The video can be recorded with a phone, and there is no need to include other participants besides the applicant.

The submissions will be evaluated by a jury consisting of employees of the ELTE Communications Directorate and the Office of Science Policy They will evaluate them based on clarity, being attention-grabbing and interesting and the quality of how the information is presented to the audience. The president of the jury is Lénárd Darázs, the Vice-Rector for General Affairs.

From the best submissions, the ELTE Communications Directorate will create professional-quality content (video, podcast, social media post, article), the grand prize is a JBL Tune earphone.

The applications must be submitted by email no later than midnight May 31, 2024, with the scientific article attached as a document and the video provided as a link of an online storage space from where the video can be downloaded.

By submitting the application, the applicant agrees that if their submission wins, the content created from it will be published on the ELTE website and other public platforms.

Call for Applications