Please note that only students with active student status at ELTE (except for students participating in a traineeship after graduation mobility) during the period spent abroad are eligible for the Erasmus+ scholarship. Please register your active status in Neptun in the usual way and in time (if you extend your Erasmus+ mobility with a zero-grant status, you will have to register your active status at ELTE for the next semester you will be abroad as well). If you have not done so, please contact the Faculty Student Administration Office of your faculty as soon as possible. Students with passive status are not eligible for an Erasmus+ scholarship and are subject to reimbursement of the scholarship.


Changes to the Learning Agreement

If you find that you need to change the courses you had planned to attend after you arrive at host university, you will need to make changes to your Learning Agreement. You can do this by completing the Changes to the learning agreement section of the Learning Agreement, where you indicate the deleted and newly added courses and their equivalents. If you are participating in a traineeship mobility, you can indicate any changes to the originally scheduled assignments in the same way by completing the During the Mobility section accordingly.

The document is only valid if it is signed by all three parties (the student, ELTE acadmic/international coordinator and partner coordinator)!


The procedure of credit recognition must be completed by 30 November 2023 for the fall semester and by 30 April 2024 for the spring semester. Please contact your faculty's international office for information on the necessary administrative procedures. If you are participating in a traineeship or doctoral mobility, it is still possible that your mobility will be recognized by your faculty through credit recognition process. At this point you may want to clarify your options with your international/academic coordinator.

Recognition of credits in case of study mobilities:

  • If the final list of courses has changed in the Study Programme at the Receiving Institution section of your Learning Agreement, this should be indicated in the Changes to the learning agreement section as described above. The finalized document (signed by all three parties) should be submitted to the faculty international coordinator along with the course equivalency form.

If there has been no change in the list of courses, please inform the faculty coordinator when submitting the course equivalency form.

In case of Mobilities for Traineeship:

If there is a change in the originally planned traineeship programme, a completed During the Mobility section of the Learning Agreement signed by all three parties must be submitted to the faculty coordinator within 30 days of the start of the mobility.

Erasmus+ status

We also recommend that you check whether your Erasmus+ status has been set in Neptun system in addition to your active student status (except for students participating in traineeship after graduation mobility).  If not, please inform your faculty coordinator as soon as possible.  (The status will be set by the Faculty Student Administration Office based on the list provided by the faculty Erasmus+ coordinator).

The reasons it is important to have an Erasmus+ status:

  • helps with the Erasmus+ credit recognition.
  • Students with Erasmus+ status are exempted from reallocation process (in case this would be necessary at the end of the year due to the Erasmus semester).
  • no credit fee will be charged for overloading credits during an Erasmus+ semester.


Please note that currently only one-semester long mobilities in case of study mobilities and a maximum of 5-month long mobilities in case of traineeships are supported, so it is not possible to extend the Erasmus+ scholarship period you have been awarded.

If you would like to stay at the host university for longer than the duration of your Grant Agreement at your own expense, you can extend your Erasmus+ mobility, but you will not receive a grant for the duration of the extension (it will be considered as a zero-grant status). In this case, you will need to submit the same documentation for the extension (insurance, fully signed Learning Agreement), and the zero-grant status will be reflected in the Grant Agreement Amendment. Please notify your faculty coordinator and write to if you would like to continue your studies with a zero-grant status at least one month before the original end date of your mobility.

Each student can participate in a maximum of 12 months of Erasmus+ mobility per cycle (BA, MA, PhD), including all types of mobility. For extensions, even in the case of a zero-grant status, it is important that the extended period does not exceed the 12 months (360 days) of mobility that can be used in the training cycle. Students in a one-cycle course can have Erasmus+ status for a maximum of 24 months.

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