Distance education

Distance education

Distance education

Because the University intends to preserve some tried and tested forms of digital education while giving priority to face-to-face learning, thanks to last summer’s amendments to the Academic Regulations for Students, from the 2021/2022 academic year onwards, classes can be organised either in person, online (synchronous or asynchronous) or in a blended form. Information on how a specific class is organised can be found in the course details when signing up for a class.

Furthermore, students who are unable to attend classes in person either because they are unable to enter the country or because attending in-person classes could be detrimental to them due to their health condition may request permission to participate in online classes to fulfil their academic and exam obligations (for more information, see the E-administration for Students page).

The following recommendations for distance education can be helpful for cases involving classes not organised in person.

Guides for distance teaching/learning 

For teachers:

  • The two most important websites where information can be found on methodological and technical issues:
  • The short guide for using Teams can be found here
  • Videos made by the Faculty of Social Sciences on how to use Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Stream
  • Distance education methodological guide made by the Faculty of Education and Psychology

For students:

Further tools for distance education 

  • Sharing learning materials, completing assignments with students, completing (midterm) examination via distance education: guide for the Canvas learning management tool
  • Recording audio file for existing ppt presentations to replace lectures: recording audio for PowerPoint files
  • Overview of the most important e-learning procedures in accordance with the tasks of an academic semester: LMS fast guide
  • Frequently asked questions for e-learning tools: E-learning FAQ
  • Contact and group communication: Microsoft Teams

In case of a teacher has any question or needs to receive methodological support, or noticed the malfunction of Moodle/Canvas software, our colleagues are available and can be contacted on the elearning@oktig.elte.hu e-mail address.

Contact and group communication: Microsoft Teams 

MS Teams is the primarily supported group chat software by ELTE, which can be lawfully used by the whole community of the University (including students as well) for instant messaging, supporting group work, videoconferences and sharing documents.

Until 20th March, the IT Directorate completed the full integration of Neptun and Teams, added all announced courses to Teams (more than 3000), and assigned the teacher and students to almost all the courses.

The tool is available from web browser and can be downloaded to Windows 10, Android and iOS operation systems.


  • Access to Teams is similar to accessing the mailing system for the faculties already migrated to Office 365 (Bárczi Gusztáv Faculty of Special Education, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Social Sciences, Savaria University Centre). Others can access Teams with their primary e-mail address and password set on Caesar.
  • Only those teachers and students can access courses, who have IIG/Caesar ID. It can be required on the https://ugykezelo.elte.hu website (can be switched to English after choosing „Belépés”) with their Neptun code. (If you are not sure whether you have an IIG ID or not, if you have access to the university WiFi, you possibly have IIG/Caesar ID as well)
  • The owner of the team is the teacher, who can add and delete members (student) and this can be modified.
  • Please, do not change the name of the team! Changing the name manually max cause disfunction of the team.
  • Users are assigned automatically to the teams. We will send a notification about the actions required if the assignments have not been done until 20 March.
  • The primary e-mail address of students who already had IIG/Caesar ID switched from username@caesar.elte.hu to username@student.elte.hu from 16th March 2020. Login to o365 (so Teams as well) can be done with this e-mail address and the new mailbox also can be accessed with it. The web interface of the mailbox can be accessed on the following link: https://outlook.office.com.
  • This means that the concerned students currently (and temporally) have two mailboxes (in o365 with the address of username@student.elte.hu and on the former server with the address of username@caesar.elte.hu), thus they can use the former e-mail address in the old web mailbox (https://webmail.elte.hu).

Error handling

We hereby call everyone to test this week whether they can log in to the Teams application, so the distance education can properly start on 23 March.

  • If you are unable to log in to Teams with your username@student.elte.hu e-mail address and password for Caesar, firstly it is recommended to renew your password  on the https://ugykezelo.elte.hu site (the old one can be given again), because the system does not accept passwords older than 2 years.
  • Those, who are unable to log in to o365 after renewing their password can notify the IT Directorate (IIG) at the operator@elte.hu e-mail address (preferably sending an e-mail from the username@caesar.elte.hu address).
  • The o365/Teams system is based on the public cloud service of Microsoft. Due to the increased use of the system on international level due to the coronavirus, the mass synchronisation is slower than expected. Please, after creating in Neptun, wait at least one day before reporting error. If you report an error, please describe the problem in details and attach a screenshot if possible.
  • The Faculty of Informatics has their separate o365/Teams system. We ask the teachers of the Faculty to not to create Teams-groups from Neptun, because it will not appear in the system they use. The teachers and students of the Faculty of Informatics shall follow the order of actions and information provided by the Faculty.

Technical support can be required beside the customer support and the 6800 phone extension, via the teams@elte.hu e-mail address.

The Team is part of the Microsoft o365 environment, where the transition at ELTE is currently going. Some of the organisation units (ÁJK, BGGYK, GTI, TÁTK, Teacher Training Centre, Chancellery, Rector’s Cabinet, Rector’s Coordination Centre) work fully integrated in the new system, while the BTK, PPK, TÓK, TTK faculties have not yet. This means difference in the available functions (for example the transited users can use calendar-function).