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CEEPUS (Central European Exchange Program for University Studies) is an exchange academic programme in the fields of education and research which involves 15 Central-European countries, that offers both teachers and students opportunities to spend a study or teaching period abroad at the partner universities. CEEPUS scholarship holders are granted exemption of tuition fees at the host institutions.

CEEPUS Member Countries: Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, North Macedonia, Moldavia, Montenegro, Poland, Prishtina/Kosovo, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic.

The main activity of CEEPUS is university networks - created by minimum 3 universities from 3 different countries - operating joint programs on special subject fields. CEEPUS offers mobility grants for students and teachers in this framework. It is a unique opportunity to share knowledge and experiences among countries with a common cultural heritage and a strong background of academic cooperation.

ELTE is a member of 10 accepted and 3 umbrella networks in 2022/23, 9 awarded and 5 umbrella networks in 2023/24, and 11 awarded and 4 umbrella networks in 2024/25. An umbrella network did not receive quota, but at a later stage the national CEEPUS office can assign unused scholarship months to these umbrella networks and applicants may apply for mobilities within the network (mainly for the spring semester).

If your home institution is not part of a CEEPUS network that has a relevant scientific topic for you, you can choose to submit a Freemover application. Freemover applications can be financed only when the CEEPUS networks did not use their quota and there are still free scholarship months. Therefore, this option is usually available for the second semester. For the first semester, a limited number of Freemover scholarships are available in some of the CEEPUS countries of which the National CEEPUS Office publishes information on their website at the beginning of summer. 

Applications can be submitted online, on the website of the Central CEEPUS Office (www.ceepus.info). The current detailed call for application can be found here.

Submission deadlines for CEEPUS mobility applications

  • network mobility for the winter/first semester: 15th June 
  • network mobility for the summer/second semester: 31st October
  • freemover mobility for the winter/first semester: available only to some of the participating countries, more information is published on our website at the beginning of summer
  • freemover mobility for the summer/second semester: 30th November

Deadlines are on the same days each year.

Should you have any further questions, please contact the Tempus Public Foundation/Hungarian National CEEPUS Office at the following e-mail address: ceepus@tpf.hu. With specific questions regarding Eötvös Loránd University please contact Ms. Orsolya Pósch at ceepus@elte.hu. Educational issues are to be discussed with the Faculty and Network/Academic Coordinators (2023/24). Contacts are also available here.

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  • CEEPUS scholarship holders are granted exemption of tuition fees at the host institutions.
  • Participating HEIs are committed to the recognition of studies abroad, and they have an ECTS compatible credit system, facilitating credit transfer.
  • Courses for international students are provided in the local language, as well as in English, German or French.