Erasmus+ International credit mobility - For scholarship winners

Administration procedure of Erasmus+ ICM students agrees to the procedures of the Erasmus+ programme (Europe).

Successful students receive financial support for the time of one semester (5 months). If the student participates in a joint programme, he/she might receive financial support for a period of 10 months. In this case, the name and the fact of participation must be shown on the application form. The minimum period of study tours is three months. The amount of the grant depends on the length of the programme.

The grants for 2019/2020:

  • Successful students receive financial support for minimum three and maximum five months period.

  • The scholarship will be provided by the Campus Mundi scholarship programme. Students with disability or chronicle illness can apply for additional financial support as well.

We would like to call the students’ attention to the fact that the financial support does not cover all the costs that arise during their stay abroad and it must be covered from other sources.


Before your mobility

Your faculty coordinator will nominate your to the partner university. After their confirmation you may need to apply separately to the partner university.

You have to fill out two documents and shall fill out one Language Test before departure:

  1.  Learning Agreement
  2. Scholarship Agreement (will be sent by the Faculty Coordinator)

Attachments (before mobility documentation):

  • Copy of health insurance valid during the whole mobility period

  • Declaration, that the student will register as an active student for the period of the mobility int he beginning of the semester.

  • Language Test will be sent to your personal e-mail address (before departure).

Learning Agreement-During Mobility

Exceptional changes to the mobility periods shall be indicated on this document.

Reasons for exceptional changes to study programme abroad / Reasons for deleting a component / Reason for adding a component

  1. Previously selected educational component is not available at the Receiving Institution         

  2. Component is in a different language than previously specified in the course catalogue          

  3. Timetable conflict 

  4. Other (please specify)       

  5. Substituting a deleted component

  6. Extending the mobility period

  7. Other (please specify)

 After the mobility you have to submit two documents and have to fill out two questionnaires.


  1. Transcripts of Records
  2. Certificate of Attendance


  1. 2nd part of the Language test
  2. On-line report about your mobility period