Long-term mobility

Call for application: Erasmus+ Scholarship for long-term student mobility

Eötvös Loránd University announces the invitation to apply for Erasmus+ long-term student mobility programme for the 2024/2025 Academic Year.
You can find out more about the Erasmus+ application opportunities by participating in the Erasmus+ Information Workshop for all ELTE students. The dates can be found by clicking here. The recording of the information session and the material of the presentation will also be published on our website.

The previous calls for applications are available at the call for application archive.

I. The aim of the call

Within the Erasmus + mobility framework, it is possible to partake in the following mobility programs until 30 September 2025:



(For Stipendium Hungaricum and Scholarship Programme for Christian Young People students as well)


Application period: 29 January - 26 February 2024


Attention! Students of Bárczi Gusztáv Faculty of Special Needs Education (BGGYK) and Faculty of Primary and Pre-School Education (TÓK) can apply through Mobility-Online from 5 February. For more information please contact your Faculty international coordinator.

Continuous application:
During the application period (29 January - 26 February 2024) in the NEPTUN system, after 26 February at your 
Faculty/Academic international coordinator. Decision within two months of submission.

In order to be informed of the application decision in time and to receive your scholarship before the start of the mobility, you must submit your application no later than the first of the third month before the planned date of departure. If the student submits their application at a later date, they are responsible for the consequences of the delay. Applications for internships that have already started cannot be submitted retrospectively.

Study part of your degree abroad through relevant modules.
Study abroad is a minimum of 60 days, max. 1 semester, according to the duration of the semester at the host institution.*

Traineeship activity abroad
minimum of 60 days, maximum of 150 days (2-5 months)*

In the current call students can apply for traineeships completed until 30 September 2025.

Students apply during the studies.
The mobility is completed during the studies.
During the mobility period students have active student status at Eötvös Loránd University.


(The student status lasts until the last day of the examination period of the last semester. For doctoral studies, the semester is from 1 September to 31 January and from 1 February to 31 August each year. So the mobility can last until then, but the recognition of the mobility must take place before graduation. It is the student's responsibility to initiate the mobility recognition process.)

Students can apply until the end of the last active semester (the last day of the exam period). For doctoral studies, the semester is from 1 September to 31 January and from 1 February to 31 August each year.

The traineeship starts after graduation / absolutorium and end no later than 1 year (360 days) from the date of graduation / absolutorium.

It is especially recommended for those who do not have compulsory traineeship in their curriculum or would find it difficult to implement during their studies.


Students choose from the higher education institutions (so-called partner universities) available to them.

Students independently seek an internship (no university partnership required). Applications may be submitted to any organization or institution located in an Erasmus + program country (see the list of countries in the detailed call for applications), with the exception of the institutions and bodies of the European Union.


During the traineeship, you must work full-time hours per week in accordance with the labor regulations of the host country, which is usually 35-40 hours per week, but a minimum of 30 hours.

Applications for Erasmus+ mobility in the UK can be submitted in the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility call.

It is no longer possible to carry out an Erasmus Traineeship in the UK.

Attention! For information regarding mobility opportunities in Switzerland, please check section X.: „Mobility opportunities in Switzerland”

Indicative list of the Erasmus+ partner institutions is available here. The list is constantly updated!


Please note that from the academic year 2023/24 onwards, study abroad mobility will only be possible at partner universities for which a credit recognition tool (mobility window/equivalence database) is available in the respective subject field - these tools are currently being developed.


Swiss partner universities are marked blue in the list. Please check section X.: „Mobility opportunities in Switzerland”.


If you have any questions about the availability of a partner university from the list above, please contact Krisztina Milovszky at erasmus.iia@dep.elte.hu.


For more information about the application process contact your Faculty/Academic international coordinator.


Students participating in one-cycle teacher training programme can choose from which major they apply to the mobility, depending on whether the partner institution offers suitable courses for the training.

Help on how to find a traineeship:

1. List about institutions and companies with established dialogue (where previous ELTE students have worked and further ELTE students are welcome). 
(Please pay attention to the column called "Year of the traineeship". This indicates the year when an ELTE student proceeded internship at the host institution. The earliest the year the more likely that the contact person and the contact details ar outdated. Should you be interested in any of the institutions, please always check their current contact information.)


2. Other useful pages:

For further information on the Erasmus+ Traineeship click here.


* Please note that only 1 semester per mobility for study abroad mobilities and a maximum of 5 months per mobility for traineeships can be financially supported, the extension of awarded Erasmus+ mobilities is not possible. If you would like to stay longer than the mobility period stated in your grant agreement at your own expense, you can extend your Erasmus+ status, but you will not receive a grant for the duration of the extension (zero grant status).

The documentation required for the extension must be submitted in the same way, and the zero grant status will be confirmed in the contract amendment.

II. Who can apply?


  • who have student status at Eötvös Loránd University at the time of the application;*
  • with Hungarian nationality or registration of permanent residence permit or residence permit
  • in case of studying in a bachelor (BA) or one-cycle studies: already have at least 1 closed semester;
  • with active student status at Eötvös Loránd University in the semester of the planned mobility (except of internship of post graduate students);
  • who meet the criteria of the department’s or institute’s published call
*For applicants for traineeship after graduation/absolutorium: the student status is terminated on the last day of the examination period of the last semester, so make sure you submit your application before that.

can apply for Erasmus+ studies and traineeships.

III. Scholarship rates

The scholarship rates for 2024/25 are the following:

Receiving country

Monthly grant

Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Norway, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Sweden

600 Euros per month in the case of studying abroad (even with combined mobility) and 750 Euros for work placement / internships

Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, North-Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey.

540 Euros per month in the case of studying abroad (even with combined mobility) and 690 Euros for work placement / internships. 

We would like to call the students’ attention that the financial support does not cover all the costs that arise during their stay abroad, it must be covered - sometimes with pre-financing - from other sources.

Additional supports for Erasmus+ mobility.

IV. How to apply

DURING THE CALL FOR APPLICATION (29 January - 26 February 2024)



Applications should be submitted in the NEPTUN

In case of technical problems in Neptun, fill the application form electronically and hand it to your Faculty/Academic international coordinator until the deadline of the call for application.

AFTER THE CALL FOR APPLICATION (from 26 February 2024, 8 pm)



The application is closed.

Applications are still accepted. The applications must be submitted  your Faculty/Academic international coordinator. Decision within two months of submission.

V. Required documents for the application

(The list informative only. Please contact your Faculty/Academic international coordinator for the required documents to your application).



motivation letter and study plan

motivation letter and work plan


Gradebook of the previous terms printed from Neptun (For Master students, the Bachelor grades should be also attached)

copy of the diploma (in case of Master or Phd Studies)

for non-Hungarian students: copy of the registration of permanent residence permit or the copy of the residence permit or the copy of the refugee status

Optional: certificate of active participation in the Student Union or any other organization (HÖK, ESN, OTDK stb.)

For students applying to North-Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey or Switzerland (please check section X.: „Mobility opportunities in Switzerland”): Consent to data transfer to third country

---- For students applying to traineeships: Letter of Acceptance / Letter of Admission (the host institution/company issues to the student): If the host institution is not a university, the precise postal address, e-mail address and telephone number of the host institution must be included in the document as well.


In case you would like to apply for the additional financial support for students with fewer opportunities, documentation according to our call for application. Please note that the application for additional financial support must be submitted at the same time as the mobility application.

When applying, please make sure that you have an e-mail address under Neptun / My data / Contact Information, which you often use, because official notifications and information about the Erasmus + scholarship will be sent to the e-mail address provided in Neptun.

If there are specific requirements at your department or faculty, please address and take them into consideration when applying.

For more information about the application process contact your Faculty/Academic international coordinator.

VI. More help

VII. Practical matters

Students must obtain all the relevant information on the partner university’s webpage about the offered courses on specific study level and language.
You can get more information about this call, the partner institutions’ study programmes and courses from your Faculty/Academic international coordinator.   

Scandinavian universities typically work with an early nomination deadline, so if you want to apply to this country, you should apply as soon as possible. Contact your Faculty/Academic international coordinator for exact nomination deadlines for each university. You can read more about the nomination in the "Nomination" menu item at the bottom of the page.

You can read about the recognition of studies abroad/traineeship at Planning your studies:
- general rules for the recognition of studies abroad and the tools (mobility window and equivalence database) that ELTE uses from the 2021/22 academic year to support students in ensuring that as many subjects completed abroad are recognised as compulsory courses as possible, so that the student would finish their studies on time without the need of an extra semester (Section I),
- the credit recognition procedure and the administrative tasks and deadlines involving the process, which are mandatory for all outgoing students (Section II), and
- FAQ in the topic (Section III).

VIII. Evaluation of the applications

Submitted applications are evaluated by a professional board, stood up by the Institute/Department.
The evaluation criteria are published in the call.
The student might be required to participate at a personal interview after receiving the written evaluation.

General criteria of the evaluation (the list is not in a priority order, there might be other aspects as well according to differing Faculty regulations):

  • Language proficiency at the study field,
  • Academic achievement,
  • Professional awareness,
  • Academic excellence or other significant professional achievement,
  • Participation in Student Union activities or others at related organizations,
  • Participation in a Student Mentor/Buddy System, supporting students.

Those students who have never participated in the Erasmus+ Programme have priority during the evaluation process, however, we strongly encourage the re-application of former Erasmus + students too.

Based on the above points, the Institutes/Departments nominate students to the Erasmus Board (for study tours, internships and financial grants).

Attention! If you have simultaneously submitted other applications in the framework of the following calls: Erasmus+ study abroad program within the framework of agreements for all subject fields or outside Europe, and one of them will be awarded, your mobility application for the same mobility period will be considered cancelled.

Those students, who were nominated by the host university but were not granted financial support by the Erasmus Board, might also travel to participate in the Erasmus programme, but they need to fully cover their costs. These students are named “zero grant students”. Thanks to this status, students are free from any payment at the host university, i.e. zero grant students do not need to pay tuition fee and any costs of registration, exams, laboratory and library.

The full list of the accepted students will be approved by the Students and Staff Mobility Committee expectedly in the first half of April 2024.
Supported students will be informed via Neptun message and via their e-mail found in Neptun no later than 1 week after the Committee’s decision.
(To see the result you have to login to Neptun.)
All the applications for internships submitted later will be approved by Students and Staff Mobility Committee within two months of submission (the evaluation time might be extended during the summer and winter holidays), thus it is still possible to apply for Erasmus+ traineeships after 26 February 2024. Supported students will be informed by e-mail no later than 1 week after the Committee’s decision.

IX. Nomination

Students who have applied for study abroad mobility are nominated to the partner institution by the departmental/faculty coordinators. The nomination deadlines vary from institution to institution, so you might be conditionally nominated by your departmental/faculty coordinator before you are officially informed of the outcome of your application. The host institution always confirms whether or not they can receive you for the semester and the programme that you have applied for, so you might be contacted by the host institution before the official notification of your application result. We would like to remind you that any nomination sent before the Students and Staff Mobility Committee’s decision on your Erasmus+ application is always conditional and will only become final once your Erasmus+ status has been granted.

X. Mobility opportunities in Switzerland

Two applications are available to universities in Switzerland:

1. „Swiss-European Mobility Programme” (SEMP)

Since 2014, Switzerland does not participate in the Erasmus+ program, in its place the „Swiss-European Mobility Programme” (SEMP) was implemented by the Swiss government, which allows ELTE students to participate in a study abroad program at Swiss partner universities. ELTE's SEMP partner universities where you can apply to in this call are listed in section I.

You can apply to these partners in Neptun as detailed in section IV-V, but following the nomination (section IX) you receive your scholarship from the Swiss host institution, not ELTE. The average scholarship rate per semester is 2300 CHF (approx. 2443 EUR). The duration of the SEMP mobility is min. 91 days, max. 12 months and students can altogether can participate in a SEMP mobility (similarly to the regulation of the Erasmus+ program) up to 12 months per study cycle (e.g. 2 x 6 months mobility). Please note that you cannot apply for Erasmus+ additional support with SEMP mobility.

Awarded SEMP students prepare their mobility and scholarship documentation based on the instructions of the host institution.

Awarded students send the following documents to their faculty international coordinator for registering ther mobility in Neptun and for credit recognition:

  • before the mobility: Learning Agreement (LA) before mobility, in which the student agrees with their sending international coordinator and the receiving institution on the study plan to be undertaken abroad.
  • during the mobility:
    • Certificate of Arrival/Registration: (signed by the receiving faculty coordinator/supervisor), within 30 days after arrival.
    • Learrning Agreement (LA) during the mobility. The “During the Mobility” section of the LA must be handed in by everyone who has made changes to the courses listed in the “Before the Mobility” section of the LA by the deadline set in the general credit recognition procedure. Only deleted or added courses should be indicated in the document.
  • closing the mobility:
    • Certificate of Attendance
    • Transcript of Records: there is no form for this document, it is issued by the host institution, contains all the courses completed and their credit value.

2. Partner universities in Switzerland with Erasmus+ scholarship

From 2022, the following Erasmus+ mobility opportunities are available to certain Swiss partners as well:

  • Long-term study abroad mobility
  • Short-term doctoral mobility

You can apply to these partners as detailed in the call for application of the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility program. With that application you apply for SEMP and Erasmus+ scholarship at the same time. Submitting an SEMP application (via Neptun) is not necessary in the case of these partners!

Awarded students can receive SEMP and Erasmus+ scholarship at the same time. Awarded Erasmus+ students can apply for Erasmus+ additional support as well.

For more information regarding this application, please check the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility program website.

XI. Intercultural preparation

The intercultural preparation course prepares students for the cultural, intercultural challenges may occure during their mobility period with the help of professors of the Institute of Intercultural Psychology and Education. Read more about the course.

XII. Force majeure

If your mobility fails due to the COVID-19 epidemiological situation or serious illness and costs associated with mobility (booking / insurance / flight ticket) have already been incurred an individual equity claim (force majeure) can be submitted to cover them.

If you have to interrupt the physical part of your mobility due to changes in the COVID-19 epidemiological situation or serious illness, you can also submit the individual equity claim (force majeure) to request to your proportional scholarship for the period spent physically abroad and reimburse your extra costs occured due to the interruption. Please note that the monthly scholarship is granted only for the period spent physically abroad.

More information about the individual equity request and coronavirus information here. Please, visit it frequently.


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