Who can apply?

Exchange Students

Exchange Students
If you are a student at another university, you can study as an exchange student at ELTE…

… within the Erasmus program if your department is an Erasmus partner of an ELTE department

… under an institutional bilateral agreement if your higher education institution has such an agreement with ELTE for your field of studies

… within a university network if your higher education institution is a university network partner institution of ELTE

… with a Visegrad Fund Scholarship

… with a Hungarian state scholarship

… with an INSPIRE scholarship if you are a student from South Africa

Courses offered to exchange students in foreign languages can be found here. Also learn more about practical matters, such as housinginsurancevisas, and other important details.

If you are interested in enrolling for a degree program and obtaining a degree at ELTE, have a look at our degree programs offered in foreign languages.