Health insurance

Health insurance

Health Insurance

Health Insurance

When you arrive in Hungary, make sure that you have a health insurance with you that you can use for health care services during your stay in Hungary.

Read carefully which health insurance (non-private or private) you can use for the health services in Hungary.

If you are an EEA student, it is advisable to apply for a European Health Insurance Card from you health insurance institution in your homeland before you leave from home.

If you are a non-EEA student, you should consider which option suits your situation the best.

If you are a student with a scholarship offered by the Minister of Education in Hungary (including Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship), you are eligible for health care services in Hungary defined in point i), paragraph 16. § (1) of the 1997 Act LXXX and you will receive a "TAJ card". With the „TAJ” health insurance ID, you are eligible to use the health services in Hungary. 

More information:
Quaestura Office, ELTE

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