Bulk and Surface Interaction Between Macromolecules and Surfactants

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Semesters 1-4

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Autumn/Spring semester

Course description

Interaction between polymers and amphiphile molecules.

Description of surfactant self assemblies. Thermodynamic models of polymer/surfactant complexes. The effect of different parameters (such as the surfactant concentration as well as the structure, size and chemistry of macromolecules) on the nature of the polymer/surfactant complexes.

Polyelectrolyte/surfactant mixtures.

The mechanism of polyelectrolyte/surfactant interaction and the cooperativity of surfactant binding. Biomacromolecule/surfactant interaction and its physiological effects. Phase diagrams of the aqueous mixtures of oppositely charged macromolecules and amphiphiles and their correct representation. Nonequilibrium effects.

Interfacial layers of macromolecules and surfactants.

Adsorbed layers formed from the solutions of polymers and surfactants. Surface modification of polymer coated solid surfaces in the presence of surfactant solutions.

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