Electron microscopic techniques of plants II

Type of instruction




Part of degree program


Recommended in

Semesters 1-4

Typically offered in

Autumn/Spring semester

Course description

Main part of practical is the conventional TEM and SEM. Other techniques will be presented according to the possibilities of our department and agreements with other institutes. Because of the special practical trait, lessons are planned as 6 hour-long practicals:

1. Fixation, dehydtation, embeding

2. Coating of grids, vacuum evaporation of carbon, staining, preparing of glass knifes

3. Section, negative staining

4. Sample processing from fixation to coating with gold

5. TEM, centering of TEM, demonstration of artifacts in work with TEM

6. SEM, centering of SEM, demonstration of different settings on image quality, presentation of artifacts in work with SEM

7.Examination of samples prepared by students (TEM and SEM)

8. EELS, image processing

9. X-ray microanalysis work in an other istitute

10. Demonstration of cryomethods in an other institute.

  • J. L. Hall and C. Hawes: Electron microscopy of plant Cell, Academic Press, London, 1991.