Introduction to Prokaryotic taxonomy

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Semesters 1-4

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Autumn/Spring semester

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State of Prokaryotes among living creatures, prokaryotes in nature. Species concept at Prokaryotes. Methods to study bacteria: cultivation and cultivation independent methods. Basics of species description at Prokaryotes, obligatory studied geno – and phenotypic characters, polyphasic taxonomy. Basics of prokaryotic phylogeny, creation of phylogenetic trees, 16S rRNA gene sequencing vs housekeeping genes or whole genome sequencing.

Classification, nomenclature and identification.

The three-domain of life.

Phylogeny, taxonomy and ecology of Archaea.

Phyla of Bacteria domain. Gram positive bacteria, the Actinobacteria and Firmicutes. Taxonomy, characterisation and ecology of Proteobacteria. Phototrophic bacteria (Cyanobacteria, Chloroflexi and Chlorobi). Spirochaetes. Planctomyces and Aquificae phyla. Bacteria of Bacteroidetes-group. Group of Deinococcus-Thermus and Thermotogae. Intracellular prokaryotes (Chlamydia). Uncultivable lineages.

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