Physiology and Anatomy Practical



Type of instruction




Part of degree program


Recommended in

Semesters 1, 2

Typically offered in

Autumn/Spring semester

Course description

 Aim of the course: practical tasks concerning diverse physiological functions
 Learning outcome, competences

  •  functioning of certain organs, organ systems
  •  background of experimental/diagnostic methods


  •  scientific mode of thinking; planning experiments, analyzing and evaluating data


  •  experience in computer-based human physiological experiments
  •  insight into animal behavioral experiments
  •  analysis, interpretation, presentation of measured dat

  Content of the course

  Topics of the course

  •  Investigation of human blood – blood groups, blood glucose level
  •  Investigation of skeletal muscle function – electromyography, dynamometry
  •  Investigation of the circulatory system – electrocardiography, blood pressure
  •  Investigation of brain functions – electroencephalography
  •  Investigation of respiration – spirometry
  •  Parallel recording of physiological functions – polygraphy, oculography
  •  Human perception, sensory organs
  •  Testing animal behavior and learning
  •  Testing drug effects on the central nervous system

Learning activities, learning methods
Experiments on each other, analysis, presentation and interpretation of data with help of premade data report forms

Evaluation of outcomes
Learning requirements, mode of evaluation, criteria of evaluation:

  •  10 occasions per semester, maximum 2 missed practical lessons allowed
  •  data report to be prepared of all attended lessons (to hand in alone, in pairs or in groups)

mode of evaluation:

  •  evaluation of all data reports as acceptable / not acceptable
  •  written test at the end of the semester which decides the grade

criteria of evaluation:

  •  data report forms correctly filled out
  •  percentage of correct answers in written test questions concerning the practical material

      Reading list
      Compulsory reading list

  •  Practical textbook and additional materials available on

       Recommended reading list

  •  G. J. Tortora, B. H. Derrickson: Principles of Anatomy and Physiology (12th Edition, Wiley)
  •  R. M. Berne, M. N. Levy: Physiology (Mosby - Year Book)