Structure – Function of Drugs I

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Semester 2

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Spring semester

Course description

Topics covered by the course: Quality, efficacy and safety aspects of drugs. Toxicology, genotoxicology and reproductive toxicology. Pharmacokinetics and drug-metabolism. Structure – function studies, experimental design. Stability studies. Mechanisms of action. Interaction of drugs and other xenobiotics with the human body. Pharamacokinetics, phases of biotransformation.


Compulsory literature*:

  • R. Ng: Drugs-From Discovery to Approval, 3rd Edition Wiley, 2015

  • K. Stromgaard, P. Krogsgaard-Larsen and U. Madsen: Textbook of Drug Design and Discovery 4th Edition, CRC Press, 2009

Suggested literature:

  • Chi-Jen Lee et al.: Development and Evaluation of Drugs: From Laboratory through Licensure to Market, 2nd Edition, 2003

  • G. Thomas: Medicinal Chemistry: An Introduction, 2nd Edition Wiley, 2008

  • J. G. Cannon: Pharmacology for Chemists (ACS Professional Reference Book), 2nd Edition, Oxford University Press, 2007

  • Drug Design Strategies: Computational Techniques and Applications RSC Drug Discovery Series Editor(s): Lee Banting, Tim Clark, 2012